The Batman Makes The Silliest LiveAction Aspect Awesome

The Batman Makes The Silliest Live-Action Aspect Awesome

The Batman will showcase Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, which looks to make the silliest aspect of the live-action movies much more awesome.

You Are Reading :The Batman Makes The Silliest LiveAction Aspect Awesome

The Batman Makes The Silliest LiveAction Aspect Awesome

Robert Pattinson will take on the role of the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which looks set to turn the silliest aspect of the live-action movies into something much more awesome. DC FanDome has revealed a slew of new information about upcoming DC films, covering everything from Wonder Woman 1984 to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But perhaps the biggest panel of the day focused on Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The long-awaited reboot focuses on Robert Pattinson’s younger Batman – who looks distinctly different from previous movie versions – as he navigates the second year of his crime-fighting career. And now, fans have been provided with the first trailer for the film.

The trailer teases Reeves’ crime thriller take on the iconic hero, which is, according to the director only a quarter of the way filmed. Beginning with a murder and some cryptic messages left for the Dark Knight, which are sure to have been left by Paul Dano’s Riddler, the trailer also provides glimpses of Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman and Colin Farrell’s Penguin. Alongside the trailer, DC released a set of three new images from The Batman, which show Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne in various locations from the film.

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The images appear to be screenshots from the footage used in the trailer, with one showing Pattinson’s Wayne in what looks to be his version of the Batcave, while another is a shot from the trailer in which some nefarious plot plays out at a church. But the third image is perhaps the most intriguing, showing Bruce Wayne after taking of the famous Bat-cowl. The image is a close-up of Pattinson’s face, which is streaked with eye makeup – presumably after he’s just returned from a night of crime-fighting. The eye makeup has been a staple of the live-action Batman films since Tim Burton’s 1989 effort, Batman, and Reeves looks to have brought it back for his take on the Dark Knight in a much more impressive form.

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Up until now, the eye makeup hasn’t been addressed by any of the Batman movies, despite every on-screen Batman making use of it. Back in 1992’s horror-influenced Batman Returns, there’s a well-known sequence towards the end of the film where Michael Keaton’s Batman is required to tear his mask off, and just before he does so, the eye makeup mysteriously disappears from the shot, making for a jarring change to Batman’s look. As such, this small detail which has been a part of every live-action bat suit is actually a significant part of Batman’s on-screen look. And in The Batman, Pattinson, and Reeves seem to be using this previously unaddressed element to great effect.

In the image, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne looks unlike any other version of the character audiences have yet seen. Clearly battle-worn and experiencing a tense moment, Wayne takes on a distinctly gothic look in this shot from The Batman. In fact, the character seen in the image wouldn’t be out of place in a Tim Burton film, which hopefully means Reeves and co. have carried over a small part of the gothic sensibility that worked so well in those early Burton films. The smudged eye makeup also shows up in another brief shot in the trailer where it seems as though Bruce Wayne relies on it as a disguise prior to getting his cowl. All of which hints at the more grounded, low-tech take on Batman that Reeves has said he’s aiming for.

The Batman has already been confirmed as existing in a separate movie universe, which means Reeves was free to create wholly original environments in which his film could play out. In his Fandome interview, the director played up his desire to create a narrative that seems as though it could have happened in reality. Setting up this grounded take on Gotham provides the perfect setting for Pattinson’s Dark Knight to worry about practical concerns such as eye makeup – all of which sounds a tad trivial but when it looks this good, fans are sure to be pleased.

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