The Batman SpinOff Series Gotham PD Will Focus On James Gordon

The Batman Spin-Off Series Gotham PD Will Focus On James Gordon

Gotham PD will focus on Commissioner James Gordon and is due to be a direct spin-off of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman.

You Are Reading :The Batman SpinOff Series Gotham PD Will Focus On James Gordon

The Batman SpinOff Series Gotham PD Will Focus On James Gordon

The Bat-Signal will be shining brightly for the next few years as DC prepares to deliver a variety of Batman content. The newest project to be announced, Gotham PD, will be based on Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and its premise is planned to revolve around Commissioner James Gordon.

Not to be confused with any portrayal of James Gordon gone before, the HBO Max series will be a direct spin-off of the upcoming film, despite Jeffrey Wright’s name remaining unattached to the show for now. The Batman wrapped filming last month, keeping the project on schedule to make its March 2022 release date (pandemic permitting), and Reeves also confirmed that Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight would exist within the alternate timeline of Earth-2.

With the live-action debut of Earth-2 in mind, this would allow Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon to exist as a separate entry from past portrayals – including Fox’s Gotham series, which focuses on a younger version of the character in the Gotham City Police Department. Earth-2 also allows The Batman and Gotham PD to stand independently within the DC universe, with the intent to spawn other interconnected titles in the future. Reeves will be on board as producer of Gotham PD with The Ritual writer Joe Barton at the helm, and both will work in tandem to flesh out the series that will serve as a prequel to The Batman.

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DC fans believed that Gotham PD would finally pick up the narrative of Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker’s Gotham Central comic, but alas, this will not be the case. Brubaker recently spoke to Kevin Smith on his podcast Fatman Beyond to express his past enthusiasm over hearing the news of Gotham PD’s existence. Brubaker also revealed that he spoke to a producer of Reeves’ to ask whether the show would follow the Gotham Central comic, to which the representative replied, “No, that’s not really Gotham Central.”

Another project that could still be in the works is Ben Affleck’s Batman film, which was once designed to be a spin-off of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Affleck’s idea got shelved by Warner Bros. and Reeves stepped in to continue the project as The Batman, but after some impressive campaigning by fans, Warner Bros. may change its mind in the future.

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