The Marvel Version of DC’s Mother Box is Even More Powerful

The Marvel Version of DC’s Mother Box is Even More Powerful

In order to defeat Omnimax, Doctor Strange and the Defenders must turn to a device called the Mother Cube–an improved version of DC’s Mother Box.

You Are Reading :The Marvel Version of DC’s Mother Box is Even More Powerful

The Marvel Version of DC’s Mother Box is Even More Powerful

Spoilers ahead for Defenders #2!

Through Doctor Strange, Marvel has introduced their own version of DC’s Mother Box, and it may be even more powerful. In Defenders #2, on sale now in print and digital, Doctor Strange and his new team of Defenders are hurled back in time, into the Sixth Cosmos, or the universe before ours. There, they meet the Mother of Galactus as well as Marvel’s Mother Box.

In the previous issue, Carlo Zota, an evil scientist from Earth’s future, is threatening all of reality, and to stop him, Doctor Strange must hastily assemble a new team of Defenders, including the Masked Raider, Cloud, the Silver Surfer, and Harpy. The spell he uses to bring the Defenders together then sends them back through time, to the Sixth Cosmos. Strange and the Defenders find themselves on the planet Taa, which will be the birthplace of Galactus. The first issue concluded on a cliffhanger, with Taa being threatened by their own planet devourer, named Omnimax. A fearsome sight in the skies, Omnimax brings Galactus to mind, and Strange and the Defenders must find a way to stop him. Defenders #2 is written by Al Ewing, with art by Javier Rodrigues and letters by Joe Caramagna.

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As the Defenders scramble to find a way to turn back Omnimax, Taaia, one of Taa’s “Scienceers.” After a quick stopover at Taaia’s “Science Fortress” the team returns to fight Omnimax. The team debates strategy and how they can defeat Omnimax; Taaia produces a cube—like device she calls the “Mother Cube,” charged with the emotions of everyone on the planet. Taaia’s plan is to blast Omnimax with it, forcing him to feel empathy and remorse for what he has done. Taaia’s strategy works, with a little boost from Doctor Strange’s magic.

The Mother Cube, which Taaia also calls an “Empathy Box” bears more than a strong resemblance to the Mother Boxes of DC’s Fourth World. Yet these Mother Cubes seem to have abilities ranging beyond the Mother Boxes; the Boxes, while capable of wonderous feats, have never shown the ability to do produce emotions and empathy in a person the way the Mother Cube does. Despite the differing approaches, both the Mother Box and Mother Cube are not simply weapons, to be used to destroy. Instead, they help their user outthink their opponent, instead of resorting to violence; the Mother Cube produces empathy in Omnimax, rather than simply killing him. DC’s Mother Boxes likewise do not kill or destroy either.

The Mother Boxes are some of the most powerful tools in the DC Universe, and now Doctor Strange has improved on it with Marvel’sown version, called the Mother Cubes.

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