The Office’s Season 6 Halloween Episode Opening Was Cut On Netflix

The Office’s Season 6 Halloween Episode Opening Was Cut On Netflix

The Halloween scene from The Office season 6 was cut after the original airing. Here’s what happened in the scene and why NBC removed the cold open.

You Are Reading :The Office’s Season 6 Halloween Episode Opening Was Cut On Netflix

The Office’s Season 6 Halloween Episode Opening Was Cut On Netflix

The Halloween cold open from The Office season 6 was cut following the premiere of the episode on NBC, which means it can’t be found on Netflix or other airings. The scene was originally featured in the episode, “Koi Pond,” the eighth installment of season 6. Here’s what happened in the scene and why the network made the decision.

“Koi Pond” was one of the most memorable episodes from The Office season 6. Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) had a meeting with an important client but it was requested that Michael Scott (Steve Carell) come along. When the duo returned, Michael was soaking wet and it was revealed that he fell into a koi pond. After a lesson about mocking fellow employees, the office learned that Jim could have stopped Michael from falling into the pond but he purposely stepped aside to let it happen.

Prior to the main events of “Koi Pond,” the cold open sequence served as the season’s Halloween celebration. The episode aired on Oct. 29, 2009, and began by showing the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton putting together a haunted warehouse for the local kids. Darryl (Craig Robinson), who Michael referred to as “gangster pumpkin”, pushed the kids around as the rest of the employees put on less than inspired horror scenes. The cold open-ended with Michael simulating a suicide, horrifying the children while turning it into a life lesson. The entire Halloween scene was interestingly cut following the 2009 airing. Viewers won’t be able to find it on DVDs, Netflix, or syndicated reruns. The reason for the removal was based on viewer outrage that resulted in the suicide scene.

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A segment of viewers was outspokenly outraged that the haunted warehouse scene featured Michael hanging himself. Michael, who often took everything a bit too far, kicked over a chair before squirming as he hanged by a rope around his neck. He effectively scared the children but then “came to life” in order to tell the kids that suicide was never the answer. Some thought it was too offensive and inappropriate causing NBC to remove the scene. It also didn’t help that Michael was dressed as Saturday Night Live’s character, D*ck in a Box.

This wasn’t the first time that The Office dealt with suicide in the series. A former accountant, Tom Peets, committed suicide before the events of the episode. There was grim evidence that Dunder Mifflin was the focus of the documentary due to Tom’s death and how the Scranton branch dealt with suicide. This was a half-jokingly suggestion by the writers and has never been confirmed.

Interestingly enough, The Office and NBC still use elements of the haunted warehouse scene to promote the series. This was the year that Jim memorably dressed as Facebook which was just his normal work attire with the word “BOOK” written across his face. When Darryl was guiding the kids around the haunted warehouse, he referred to Jim as “Bookface.” This gag tends to come up each Halloween season and a Funko Pop vinyl figure was recently released of Jim in his Bookface costume. For fans who missed out on the scene during the original airing of “Koi Pond,” NBC added it The Office’s YouTube account about a year ago.

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