The Walking Dead Debunks Maggie Commonwealth Theory

The Walking Dead Debunks Maggie Commonwealth Theory

The Walking Dead season 10’s first bonus episode, “Home Sweet Home”, debunks the theory that Maggie has been with the Commonwealth this whole time.

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The Walking Dead Debunks Maggie Commonwealth Theory

The Walking Dead’s first episode back as part of its extended season 10 debunked the theory that Maggie was off with the Commonwealth, but “Home Sweet Home” did offer up more details about where she’s been. Shortly after it was announced Andrew Lincoln would be leaving The Walking Dead in season 9, it was revealed Lauren Cohan would be doing the same; the thing is, she ended up exiting the series in the same episode as Lincoln but without it being confirmed until afterward.

Cohan finally returned to the zombie apocalypse in what was originally planned to be The Walking Dead’s season 10 finale. Maggie received a letter from Carol and came to Alexandria’s rescue with her friends, arriving just in time to save Gabriel from being killed. Later on, when she and her friends had time to regroup, she shared some details about her adventures and ultimately put an end to a prevalent fan theory.

After season 9’s time jump, The Walking Dead explained Maggie’s absence by saying she was off helping other communities with Georgie. Given the Commonwealth’s impending introduction, it was possible Maggie was with them, which was why she couldn’t return home. But in “Home Sweet Home”, she lists off some of the places she’s been and none seem to sound anything like the Commonwealth, since every group they came across ultimately fell apart; plus, she implied that every settlement they helped needed their assistance, and the Commonwealth is far too advanced for that.

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It makes sense The Walking Dead would be ambiguous about Maggie’s whereabouts over the past six to seven years in-universe; providing viewers with specifics could open a can of worms, which could lead to continuity issues down the line. The biggest thing that Maggie brought back with her, aside from her few friends, is the Reapers – a new villain group who may be at the forefront of The Walking Dead season 11 while the Commonwealth story brews in the background. Since season 11 will be an extended season, there’s no reason to assume it will only have one villain or villain group for the survivors to contend with.

Interestingly, one thing specific Maggie did say is that she and Hershel went to her old family house by the beach, which is where she and Glenn talked about going to before he died. This is a new piece of information that hadn’t been previously revealed or hinted at, but it’s interesting to hear Maggie tell Daryl about it. With The Walking Dead ending in 2022 with season 11 and then having Daryl and Carol go off together on a new adventure, it’s possible that the Greene family house could be a location Daryl visits down the line. He knows about it now and it would be a nice pitstop for them on their adventure.

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