The Walking Dead Finally Makes The Walkers A Threat Again

The Walking Dead Finally Makes The Walkers A Threat Again

After portraying the undead as an afterthought for so long, The Walking Dead finally presented walkers as a threat again, and that’s a good thing.

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The Walking Dead Finally Makes The Walkers A Threat Again

After displaying walkers as an afterthought for so long, The Walking Dead has made the undead a worrisome threat again. The series about survivors of the zombie apocalypse is currently in its tenth season with an eleventh on the way. The Walking Dead only has a small handful of original characters left, but it looks like the show is going back to its roots by using massive amounts of walkers as a menace to the community.

When The Walking Dead began in 2010, the biggest danger was fighting unrelenting zombies, referred to in the series as “walkers.” Rick Grimes and his family, along with fellow survivors, constantly fought off the undead to find a safe haven. As time went on, the series shifted focus by making humans the true villains of the series. There was the Governor, Gareth, Negan and his Saviors, and more recently, the Whisperers. Even with all of this conflict, walkers remained a threat but they weren’t perceived as the primary danger like in the past.

When Alpha and the Whisperers were introduced in The Walking Dead season 9, it was explained how walkers could be used as disguises to freely walk among the undead. The feral group became the latest villains in the eyes of Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom. With only one community standing and the Whisperers calling the shots, Michonne and the group need to prepare for the impending war. Unfortunately, hordes of walkers kept converging on Alexandria in the latest episode, “Ghosts”. For the first time in a long time, the community was forced to focus on taking down a slew of walkers that were making their way to the walls. The community spent day and night eliminating the hordes, causing mass exhaustion and serious sleep deprivation. Season 10 finally reminded viewers that walkers could be just as deadly as humans.

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There was speculation among members of Alexandria that Alpha and her followers were leading the hordes of walkers in the community’s direction. The Whisperers reportedly have thousands upon thousands of walkers at their disposal when the time comes. Even if walkers are being used as weapons by fellow humans, it doesn’t take away from their threatening presence. Some of the most horrific deaths within The Walking Dead have come from the hands (or teeth) of walkers. It’s important for a show based during the zombie apocalypse not to forget what made the drama so thrilling in the early days of the series.

As time went on, the show seemed to fall into the cycle of villainous humans being the only true threat. Once one big bad was defeated, another was instantly introduced. It’s time that the danger from walkers is put back into focus to mix things up a bit. If walkers are on the verge of tearing down Alexandria’s defenses, important decisions will need to be made regarding the evergrowing conflict with the Whisperers. The premiere episode of The Walking Dead season 10 already revealed that Michonne and the community have been training as an army to take out large groups of walkers. This might be foreshadowing what’s to come in The Walking Dead’s future.

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