This Halo Mod Turns Every Single Spartan Into A Rat

This Halo Mod Turns Every Single Spartan Into A Rat

It’s well known that Halo 3 has a map called Rat’s Nest, but did you know there’s a mod that turns every single Spartan there into a literal rat?

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Any Master Chief fan worth their salt knows about the iconic Halo 3 Rat meme, so it’s no wonder that somebody has finally taken rats in Halo 3 to the next level. Yesterday, one particularly ambitious modder decided it was high time they unveiled their latest project: Halo 3 Rat Slayer.

It’s a bit awry at first – it actually looks like there’s nobody playing. However, you’ll quickly notice that what originally looked like a Brute Spiker on the floor is actually not a gun – it’s a little Halo 3 rat, legging it around Snowbound with an invisible Plasma Rifle.

Check out the Reddit post below, which serves as the official presentation of Halo 3’s newest game mode: Rat Slayer.

Fans took pretty kindly to the revelation of Rat Slayer – there’s a thread under the post where people have just continuously replied “Halo 3 rat” to one another. It might seem like it makes no sense, but this is a tight-knit community where those three words alone carry massively significant weight. If you know, you know.

When asked about their masterful creation, Reddit user Zinkles noted that this is just the beginning.

“I’m not done yet,” they wrote. “I still have a few more things I want to do.”

Ominous, sure, but it’s intriguing to consider what could potentially come next in the world of Rat Slayer. One person suggested Rat Mongooses, which Zinkles wasn’t necessarily against. Others wanted Rat Infection, which technically has its own basis in 14th Century history. Zinkles remained tight-lipped, noting that more information would arrive soon.

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Obviously somebody also asked Zinkles if they’d ever consider making Rat Slayer for Halo 3’s Rat’s Nest map.

“I’ve already done that,” Zinkles said. “It’s pretty funny.”

The mod is still in beta testing, so it’s not widely available yet. However, Zinkles did play a couple of Rat Slayer matches yesterday, and mentioned to one of the commenters that they could join in if they liked. So, if you want to ditch your Spartan armor for rat fur, head on over to Reddit and comment “Halo 3 Rat” on the Rat Slayer post linked above.

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