Thor Admits Hes One Hero That Actually Likes The Punisher

Thor Admits He’s One Hero That Actually Likes The Punisher

Thor admits he actually likes the Punisher after Castle proved himself a formidable warrior by battling cosmic beasts during the War of the Realms.

You Are Reading :Thor Admits Hes One Hero That Actually Likes The Punisher

Thor Admits Hes One Hero That Actually Likes The Punisher

While preparing for a celebratory feast with representatives from the Ten Realms, Thor admits he actually likes the Punisher in Thor Annual #1. To be fair, Thor’s exact words were, “he grows on you” after the God of Thunder was discussing his guest list. This comment in the Punisher’s favor is the first time in recent memory Thor spoke highly of the antihero, though Odinson’s praise was well deserved after the Punisher fought on the front lines with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against Malekith in the War of the Realms. The Punisher’s fighting abilities earned Thor’s respect, a sentiment not shared by every Avenger.

In War of the Realms: Punisher #1-3 by Gerry Dugan with art by Marcelo Ferreira and Roberto Poggi, the Punisher is seen doing what he is known for, only instead of killing the scum of New York’s underbelly, he is killing creatures from across the Ten Realms. Throughout the three-issue tie-in saga, which bled into the sequel series Punisher: Kill Krew, the Punisher holds his own against these monsters of myth, using his signature brutality against the invaders. Once the war is won, Frank Castle’s efforts are not forgotten by the beings he helped save across the universe.

Castle’s viscousness was appreciated by Thor, but another Avenger violently disagrees with the Punisher’s methods. In the Marvel Comics event Civil War, a group of lesser-known villains hope to join Captain America’s side in the war before being cut down on the spot by the Punisher. In response to the Punisher’s homicidal actions, Captain America beats Castle bloody. The Punisher’s killer instinct is clearly more valued in a more medieval style of warfare than in modern tactful battles where sometimes enemies make the best friends in times of crisis, and Thor isn’t the first ancient warrior to think so.

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In Savage Avengers #6, Conan the Barbarian makes his way back to the mainland from the Savage Land deep in Antarctica with the Punisher. The trek pits the two warriors against a number of deadly foes, and with every victory, their respect for one another grows more and more. The Punisher is recognized by Conan as a great warrior who is more than worthy to fight alongside the Cimmerian.

While emotions are clearly mixed about the Punisher within the multiple Avengers teams, it is clear Castle’s savagery is well regarded by those with killing in their blood and less so by the more modern, idealistic heroes. Thor knows that warriors must kill their enemies in war and doesn’t mind when that ultimate action is taken. Captain America, on the other hand, will avoid killing wherever he can, seeing the Punisher more as a serial killer rather than even an antihero. The Punisher proved himself in War of the Realms, fighting a war alongside Thor for the fate of the universe, and because of that Thor has finally admitted to liking the Punisher.

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