Top Gun 2 To Be Scored By Hans Zimmer & Original Top Gun Composer

Top Gun 2 To Be Scored By Hans Zimmer & Original Top Gun Composer

Hans Zimmer is collaborating on the Top Gun: Maverick score with Harold Faltermeyer, who also composed the score for the original Top Gun.

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Top Gun 2 To Be Scored By Hans Zimmer & Original Top Gun Composer

Hans Zimmer and Top Gun composer Harold Faltermeyer are joining forces on the score for Top Gun: Maverick. The long-awaited Top Gun sequel is currently in production for a Summer 2020 theatrical release and has Tom Cruise reprising his iconic role as hot shot pilot Maverick. Cruise’s Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is calling the shots on the film, which is also bringing Val Kilmer back as Iceman and features Miles Teller (the star of Kosinski’s firefighter drama Only the Brave) as the son of Maverick’s late copilot, Goose.

Story-wise, the Top Gun sequel picks up in the present day and finds Maverick serving as an instructor to the next generation of daring Navy pilots. The film’s script is credited to Peter Craig (Blood Father), Justin Marks (The Jungle Book) and Eric Warren Singer, the latter of whom also had a hand in writing Kosinski’s Only the Brave. Cruise had previously confirmed that Top Gun: Maverick would feature some of Faltermeyer’s music from Tony Scott’s original Top Gun, but has now revealed that the former isn’t the only famous composer who’s working on the movie.

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Per Cruise’s video message at this weekend’s Hollywood in Vienna concert, Zimmer will be collaborating with Faltermeyer on the score for Top Gun: Maverick. FMR has since confirmed the news via the composer’s official website.

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Both Zimmer and Faltermeyer made their marks as Hollywood film composers back in the 1980s, with the latter providing the scores for films like The Running Man and the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy, in addition to Top Gun. While Faltermeyer has moved away from big-budget fare over the decades since then, Zimmer is more active than ever in the world of tentpoles and is providing new music for three major releases in 2019 alone (see: X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Wonder Woman 1984 and The Lion King remake). Zimmer similarly scored next month’s awards season contender Widows and collaborated with Cruise on a pair of films back in the early 2000s (namely, Mission: Impossible II and The Last Samurai).

It’s safe to assume that Zimmer will aim for something fittingly epic in scale and sound with his Top Gun: Maverick score, in order to match the movie’s ambitious high-flying action and aerial sequences. Kosinski’s previous films have all used music to great cinematic effect, starting with Daft Punk’s score for TRON: Legacy and continuing on through the director’s collaborations with Joseph Trapanese on Oblivion and Only the Brave. Zimmer’s involvement likewise assures that the Top Gun sequel will impress in the music department, however well (or not) the rest of the movie stacks up by comparison.

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