Venoms Son Has The Power To Stop King In Blacks Army

Venom’s Son Has The Power To Stop King In Black’s Army

Marvel’s newest hero Dylan Brock finally unleashed his symbiote powers against the King in Black’s forces and did considerable damage.

You Are Reading :Venoms Son Has The Power To Stop King In Blacks Army

Venoms Son Has The Power To Stop King In Blacks Army

Warning! Spoilers for Venom #33 below!

Venom’s son Dylan Brock just gave the Marvel Universe some much-needed hope in the fight against the King in Black. In the latest issue of Venom, Dylan made the decision to fight back with his powers, leading to Knull’s forces being dealt some massive blows. While Dylan might not be the ultimate solution to stopping the God of Symbiotes, it appears he’s one of the keys to stopping him for good.

Dylan’s powers have been teased since his first appearance early in the current Venom run. The half-human, half-symbiote has shown immense control over symbiotes, which has made him Knull’s number one target now that’s he touched down on Earth. With Dylan reeling following the death of his father (his Codex is currently in the Hive), the young hero decided it was time to use his powers to fight back against the King in Black – and in the new issue, he shows what an asset he can be to saving the world from darkness.

In Venom #33 by Donny Cates, Iban Coello, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Dylan receives an important talk from Spider-Man, who says he promised Eddie he would protect him and offers him a choice in fighting or staying back. Dylan chooses violence. He uses his powers to free a number of heroes from their symbiote hold, including Captain America. Teaming up with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade, Thor, and more Marvel heroes, the group does some serious damage to Knull’s forces.

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The heroes have done little to thwart King in Black’s complete takeover of Earth thus far, as Knull has quickly stopped any challenge being thrown his way. He ripped Marvel’s strongest hero, the Sentry, in half, unbonded Eddie Brock from his symbiote, and made some of Earth’s greatest heroes his own personal symbiote army. Dylan definitely has the powers to be a massive threat to Knull and in this issue, he steals the show by dispatching the alien’s dark army.

It’s becoming more and more clear that in order to stop Knull, Dylan will have to be involved in some way. He’s proven to be the most effective hero against the King in Black, which is why the God of Symbiotes is so eager to take him down for good. While the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes haven’t won the fight yet, for the first time since Knull touched down on their planet – with Dylan Brock by their side – there’s now hope they can win. Plus, with the God of Light arriving soon, things are shaping up much better than ever before in the symbiote infected world. Venom #33 is in comic book stores and available online now.

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