What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

Lucifer season 4 ended with the King of Hell back on his throne. So what does this latest twist mean for Lucifer season 5 and its story?

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What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

Lucifer season 4 ends with the devil himself returning to Hell, and that means great things for Lucifer season 5. After a completely wild end to season 4, fans of Netflix’s Lucifer are hoping that the show gets renewed for another season, seeing as the show has taken quite the turn in its latest outing.

While there hasn’t been any official announcement about Lucifer season 5, the way that things left off with the King of Hell means that there’s plenty of room for speculation about where the writers could potentially take the story if it does get picked up again by Netflix. Lucifer season 5 is clearly going to focus on our titular protagonist’s time getting reacquainted with his old job as ruler of the Underworld.

However, the ramifications that this could have on the wider web of relationships that form the backbone of the show are another thing entirely. What does this mean for his romance with Chloe Decker? And what does this mean for the story of Lucifer going forward? The answer isn’t as clear-cut as fans might think.

How Season 4 Brought Lucifer Back to Hell

What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

For those unfamiliar with why Lucifer season 5 would likely be set in Hell, a quick way to get caught up to speed would be to rehash the way that season 4 wrapped up. Essentially, Lucifer was forced to return to his old ways when his demon subordinates from Hell staged a coup after they figured he was getting too cozy on Earth with his human friends. Before said demon subordinates could use Amenadiel’s baby in a ritual to create a new King of Hell, Lucifer went full Devil and wrangled his wayward subjects into obedience.

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However, knowing very well that the fragile peace wouldn’t last, our favorite angel confessed his love for Chloe Decker in a landslide moment for the show and flew back down to Hell to stop the mortal plane from being endangered once more. Lucifer season 4 ended with the now-iconic shot of Lucifer sitting on his lonely throne, ruling over a bleak landscape that seemed to go on forever, seemingly resigned to not seeing his first love ever again.

What We Know About Hell In Lucifer

What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

While the end of Lucifer season 4 isn’t the first time that we’ve ever seen Hell used as a location in the show, Lucifer season 5 will probably be the most in-depth exploration of it thus far. The show isn’t shy about depicting its various sinners suffering in their own personal nightmares, and past seasons have portrayed Hell as the exact opposite of a fiery inferno. In fact, Hell in Lucifer looks more like a barren wasteland that stretches as far as the eye can see, full of twisting hallways and individual rooms to disorient and separate the souls being confined.

Lucifer’s throne itself is a lone spire perched above this endless maze of tortured souls, an apt metaphor for how isolated he’s always maintained he’s felt in this realm that he rules over. As a set piece in the show, it couldn’t feel any less full of life than the environments that we’ve seen Lucifer inhabit over the seasons – his nightclub, Lux, is the exact opposite of Hell even though it’s his self-proclaimed throne on Earth.

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Now that the show has forcibly torn Lucifer from all the familiar places on Earth that fans were used to seeing the Devil’s influence, it’s essentially forced itself to explore Hell as more than just a fever dream in the minds of the mortals that he punishes on the show. Lucifer season 5 would be remiss if the core conflicts explored in the season 4 finale of the politics of ruling Hell weren’t elaborated on; it was too big of a setup for the twist and had too many unanswered questions to never be visited again.

What Lucifer In Hell Means For Season 5

The heartbreaking season 2 episode where Lucifer traverses Hell and is almost trapped in a punishment loop of his own shows that even the Devil himself isn’t immune to the viciousness of the realm he rules over. Lucifer season 5 has a lot of potential to take the show to a new level of emotional intensity, especially as it explores the separation of the show’s two main characters – Lucifer and Chloe Decker. The show has proven time and time again that Lucifer is a fallible character; time alone in Hell without his closest companions and friends could very well see the return of the old, jaded Lucifer from seasons past who had hardened his heart in order to better wear the mantle of King.

While he definitely had a moment of self-acceptance after confessing his love for Decker, fans have seen the romance between the two ebb and flow for so long that another twist where it goes unacknowledged isn’t entirely off the cards. Lucifer has historically dealt with emotional strife by chasing conflict, so season 4’s confession between the two not paying off could well set the stage for some looming evil. There’s still the matter of Decker’s divinity since God placed her on Lucifer’s path, and the interaction of that with a Lucifer who’s fully embraced his Devil side could be explosive.

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The jury is still out about whether or not Lucifer is going to shift from its procedural crime bent into a production about a day in the life of the Lord of Hell. That being said, it’d be a complete waste for the show to establish Hell as a set piece in the previous season without further exploring it now that they have the perfect narrative reason to do so. And while we’re not quite sure when or if Lucifer season 5 is going to happen, the showrunners are apparently keen on a specific story arc after what transpired in season 4. Plus, the show’s passionate fanbase clearly can’t get enough, and ending it on the cliffhanger of season 4 would definitely be considered torture if all the excellent setup of Lucifer being in Hell ends up going to waste.

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