Without Lex Luthor the Legion of Doom is Completely Useless

Without Lex Luthor, the Legion of Doom is Completely Useless

DC’s graphic novel, Dear DC Super-Villains focuses on a day in the life of the Legion of Doom – albeit without their leader, Lex Luthor.

You Are Reading :Without Lex Luthor the Legion of Doom is Completely Useless

Without Lex Luthor the Legion of Doom is Completely Useless

Warning: major spoilers ahead for Dear DC Super-Villains!

Lex Luthor, the leader of the Legion of Doom, isn’t just the team’s leader, he’s the only reason they’re successful at all. Dear DC Super-Villains provides readers with an inside look at the super-villain life of the Legion’s members. However, since Lex is in prison, things aren’t going so well for the evil team.

Dear DC Super-Villains – a sequel to the 2019 graphic novel Dear Justice League – released in April 2021. The new graphic novel shows what life is like at the Hall of Doom for Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Giganta, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Sinestro, and Katana. Typically Lex Luthor is also part of the Legion, but he’s locked up in Blackgate Penitentiary. This story focuses on the personal dealings and daily life of DC’s super-villains. It also shows some of the interactions the Legion members have with each other.

Created by Michael Northrop, Gustavo Duarte, Cris Peter, and Wes Abbott, Dear DC Super-Villains reveals that if Lex isn’t around to keep everyone on track, things don’t really get done. Each villain is seen taking care of some of their basic independent plots or e-mail checking. However, when it comes to acting like a team or interacting with one another, the Legion completely falls apart. This is especially noticeable when Harley arrives at a scheduled meeting that only Katana is present at. It is also apparent when they finally get a plan together – and completely botch it.

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With Lex gone, Harley Quinn seems to be the only one with a sense of responsibility. She tries to take over in Lex’s place, but this team doesn’t really respond to her effectively. Truth be told, they don’t respond to each other much at all. Sinestro purposely ignores texts and Gorilla Grodd is too eager to point out that he’d be a great leader if only anyone would bother to listen to an ape. Black Manta completely fumbles any chance at success the team could have had, while Katana is really just along for the ride – particularly since she isn’t even a supervillain to begin with. It becomes obvious very early on that any threat this team may pose and any coherence they have when it comes to working together, should be attributed to Lex Luthor’s leadership.

Lex Luthor may have a giant ego and many of his plans fail – as villain plans tend to – but he is definitely efficient. Even if they don’t succeed, the team at least gets closer to their final goal when they have Lex around. He isn’t the kind of person to stand for insubordination and he seems like he would keep a tight ship. Apparently, even villains need a little structure if they’re going to have any kind of success at being bad. However, with him imprisoned, that structure is completely gone and they seem largely unable to function.

Eventually, they decide to break Luthor out, but at every turn, they’re having to come up with a new plan that they can’t really agree on. On top of that, they fail to work as a coordinated group and succeed only at thwarting their own plot. Instead of being a Legion that brings about a feeling of impending doom, they are a Legion that brings doom upon themselves. Even with the perfect weapons to give them an upper hand, they can’t gain any headway. The Legion of Doom may be a fearsome foe typically, but without Lex Luthor at the helm, they’re just another bunch of bumbling villains.

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