Wonder Man The Evil Wonder Woman Origins and Powers Explained

Wonder Man, The Evil Wonder Woman: Origins and Powers Explained

An inside look into the powers and origin of Dane of Elysium, AKA Wonder Man, after his astonishing showdown with Wonder Woman on Earth-11.

You Are Reading :Wonder Man The Evil Wonder Woman Origins and Powers Explained

Wonder Man The Evil Wonder Woman Origins and Powers Explained

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #777

Wonder Man, a deluded titan who is best known as an evil counterpart to Wonder Woman, has made his return to the pages of DC Comics, and he’s just as deadly as ever. Dane of Elysium of Earth-11 comes from a world where every character is gender-swapped but with their own unique identities, some being direct doppelgangers to Earth-Prime characters but with an enhanced status on their world. One example is Kate Kane who exists on both Earth-11 and Earth-Prime as Batwoman but has taken the role of Batman in the Justice League of Earth-11 Just as Batwoman is different, so is Wonder Man though in a much more dangerous fashion.

In Wonder Woman #777 by Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan with art by Emanuela Lupacchino and Wade Von Grawbadger, Wonder Man makes a violent appearance for the first time since he was previously defeated by the Justice Guild. After she mistakenly arrives on Earth-11, Wonder Woman visits the Hall of Justice where she learns the truth of where she is, and more importantly where she isn’t. While meeting this Earth’s version of the team, Wonder Man breaks into the Hall of Justice, viciously attacking the Justice Guild and his Earth-Prime counterpart. While it has been some time since fans saw Wonder Man in action, it is far from the first.

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In Countdown Presents: The Search For Ray Palmer: Superwoman/Batwoman #1 by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, the heroes of Earth-11 including the titular Superwoman and Batwoman face off against Wonder Man for the first time. In the issue, Superwoman and Batwoman fight Wonder Man after the one-time hero killed a woman on television then launched a crusade against any who would oppose him. Superwoman and Batwoman manage to defeat the villain but not with ease, and evidently not for good as he recently made his return.

Dane of Elysium’s powers and origin are more or less identical to that of Wonder Woman, even sharing a strikingly similar costume, though there are multiple versions of the character. In the New 52 timeline of DC Comics, the male champion of the Amazons of Elysium goes by Wonderous Man and is identical to his original version aside from the physical look of the character. The bulky, bearded man in a Wonder Woman suit is replaced with a lean, clean-shaven champion in a sleek armored suit.

No matter the version fans receive, Wonder Man is comparable in regards to Wonder Woman’s strength, combat skills, and basic origin, though his background has yet to be explored to its fullest extent. What makes Wonder Man stand out from his female counterpart is his deluded crusade. Wonder Man believes the women of the world are oppressing men and so he must fight on behalf of all men to rise up against their female overlords. Aside from this version’s Justice League being a team with a female majority, nothing Dane believes appears to be true, making him a dangerous and powerful Wonder Woman villain.

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