Wonder Woman Gets A New Cosmic Role In DCs Universe

Wonder Woman Gets A New, Cosmic Role In DC’s Universe

In the aftermath of DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wonder Woman is chosen to help protect the new future that’s ahead for the DC Universe.

You Are Reading :Wonder Woman Gets A New Cosmic Role In DCs Universe

Wonder Woman Gets A New Cosmic Role In DCs Universe

Warning: spoilers ahead for Dark Nights: Death Metal #7!

In the final issue of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the heroes and villains of the DC Universe come together to stop the Darkest Knight and his forces from overwhelming everything with the Dark Multiverse and his Last 52 Earths, each darker than the last. Wonder Woman has been a key player and leader in the fight against the Darkest Knight, and she even went so far as to sacrifice herself to ensure that the Darkest Knight would be defeated once and for all. However, Wonder Woman’s sacrifice did not result in her death. Rather, she’s just been chosen by the beings who created every multiverse, ascending into an all-new cosmic role going forward in DC’s brave new future, which it’s describing as an Infinite Frontier.

Though DC’s heroes were almost broken by the knowledge that their world could never be restored, Wonder Woman accepted the only path forward was to remember and embrace everything in DC’s chopping and changing continuity, regardless of the various Crises and reboots that have occurred over the decades. Wonder Woman chooses the Truth, venturing to the Forge of Worlds during the final battle and binding herself to her iconic lasso. She then faces the Darkest Knight, despite his warning that the Hands of Creation must be killed before they destroy the entire multiverse for its transgressions.

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In spite of this, Wonder Woman still determines to do the right thing and destroy the Darkest Knight for good rather than join him, knowing full well that the Hands might destroy everything anyway. Though she achieves victory, Diana wakes up in an ethereal white space, where she meets a Hand who has taken the more appealing form of the Golden Age Wonder Woman. The being reveals to Diana that the Hands of Creation have decided not to destroy her multiverse, but will instead rebuild it in such a way as has never been done before. Certain limits and boundaries won’t be in place, leaving a future of infinite possibility ahead. Everything will matter. However, the Hand also reveals to Diana that there is a cost, which Diana guesses will include her life.

The Hands require that Wonder Woman join them in order to help protect this new future she’s helped secure, ascending as a new cosmic being. Alongside the Hands, Diana will be tasked with protecting the multiverse from a mysterious “lurking threat”. According to the fellow heroes she’s leaving behind, the DC Multiverse has now become part of an even bigger Omniverse, with more and more multiverses coming into being alongside their own, allowing for a more varied sense of continuity. Additionally, just as their erased pasts are now rushing back to affect the present of the DC timeline, so are the possibilities of the future, as shown in DC’s new Future State event.

While a new Infinite Frontier has been created, and with it a new era for DC Comics, that also mean infinite dangers and threats could come into being, which is why Wonder Woman’s new role will no doubt be so critical to its overall safety. Wonder Woman brought the One Truth back to the DC Universe, and her sacrifice and new role will now make sure that the Truth remains for years to come, even as Death Metal comes to a satisfying close.

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