Wonder Womans Grossest Weapon Is Made Out of Supermans [SPOILER]

Wonder Woman’s Grossest Weapon Is Made Out of Superman’s [SPOILER]

Wonder Woman upgrades her most trusted weapon, the Lasso of Truth, with some help from a close friend in in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3.

You Are Reading :Wonder Womans Grossest Weapon Is Made Out of Supermans [SPOILER]

Wonder Womans Grossest Weapon Is Made Out of Supermans [SPOILER]

Warning, spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3

When thinking about Wonder Woman and her weapons, one thing pops into everyone’s mind right away: the Lasso of Truth. While this trusty tool has saved her countless times, it seems that she recently found a way to upgrade it in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3 to make it much more deadly (pun intended), and it’s actually pretty gross how.

Also known as the Magic Lasso or the Lasso of Hestia, the Lasso of Truth is originally made from Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle, although this origin has been altered slightly over time in the Post-Crisis and New 52 timelines. No matter which origin one refers to, one thing remains true, and that is its power of truth. The Lasso gives Wonder Woman the ability to extract the truth from someone, simply by having it wrapped around them. Considering Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, the creator of the lie detector, it seems to make a lot of sense that this would be the primary power of her main weapon.

So what exactly is this gross upgrade? Well to understand that one must know a bit about Wonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson. The series revolves around Wonder Woman waking up after sleeping for centuries, only to find the world she once protected in ruin, and her recollection of the past quite foggy. Now a nuclear wasteland, Wonder Woman wanders the dead planet attempting to salvage the last of humanity and piece together exactly what led to this point. As she begins to uncover truths about the world, she becomes more and more uncertain of what to do. She decides that she needs to turn to the one man she could always rely on for advice, Superman. It is upon her arrival at the Fortress of Solitude that she makes a terrible discovery; Superman is dead. Not only is he dead, but it is also in this moment that it is revealed to both Wonder Woman and the reader that she was actually the one to kill him. Even worse, she discovers that the final battle between the two of them laid waste to cities around the globe, and was what kick-started this terrible future she has found herself in.

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Wonder Womans Grossest Weapon Is Made Out of Supermans [SPOILER]

Realizing that she must make up for the atrocities of her past that led to this point, Wonder Woman now finds herself more inspired than ever to fix the world. Unfortunately for her, her energy levels are severely low, leaving her far weaker than her normal super self. With her reduced powers and the terrible state of the world, Wonder Woman decides she needs more power if she is going to save humanity, and does so by upgrading her Lasso in one of the most insane ways ever. She literally guts Superman’s corpse, ripping his skull and spinal cord from his body, and threading the Lasso through it, creating some sort of super-strength bone mace from his remains. Yes, you read that correctly, Wonder Woman combines her Lasso of truth with Superman’s SPINE!

Sadly, this is how the issue ends, and readers are left to wait for the next issue to see this absolutely bizarre weapon in action. Wonder Woman’s quest to revive the dead earth will be aided by Superman’s spine – it’s gross but extremely badass.

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