Many people don’t know about Halloween

Even if they did they wouldn’t embarrass themselves by putting on a costume infront of others who just wear casuals, Halloween isn’t a holiday in India and they’re thrifty to buy a costume even if their family / Office celebrated Halloween. If you want to celebrate it just arrange a party in your house / working places. Good luck. Have fun.

I don’t know if celebrate is a good word to use. Halloween is a highly commercialized event and parties are thrown for the sake of the date.

I was in Bangalore, Goa and Vizag around Halloween time and there are stores that sold Halloween themed items, but nobody “celebrates” it in the western sense. Sure, there may be parties thrown, but nobody goes trick or treating or cares about the origin of the date.

It is surprising that why should this be celebrated by even the Christians too! India has a very small Christian population and their such celebrations and customs, as prevalent in the Christian nations, are yet to achieve the magnitude of celebration. Halloween, the concept is alien and quite repulsive to most of the people of India, it would be apt to realise that a large majority of Indian haven’t even heard of this.

The countries where Halloween is celebrated see them as a liability. Nobody knows what is the goodness in celebrating Halloween. It may be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad. It does not convey any good news other than it is a fun day, a dangerous fun day.

We in India have a lot of meaningful celebrations. Diwali, Sivrathri, Holi, Christmas, Easter, Eid, etc, have a big meaning and goodness in it. So let us not bring in unwanted and useless things into our life.

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