What are some fun things to do on Halloween?

Halloween should be made fun and scary too. In my suggestion, it would be best if we scare them in a unique way. I say this because it’s quite unexpected and effective when compared to usual things. Make sure you understand their fears and plan accordingly. Also, these things will be remembered for next Halloween too! Okay this is what my sister tried on me and you can try this too:

I hope everyone has earphones, that itself is enough to scare a person! Make your friend or anyone to sit in a dark room saying that you will watch a movie with him/her. And before leaving the room just ask your friend to listen the audio clipping.( A 3D audio which when you listen to it you feel like someone else is there in the room). You have to suddenly appear out of nowhere and I am sure you friend is gonna freak out. I know it’s kiddish but these are cute ones to try during this pandemic for people who celebrate it reasonably.

As we all know today is Halloween Day and by Halloween word the thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Party with family and kids. Halloween is all about dressing in different and unique ways describing one of the characters. The one thing I love the most about Halloween is doing makeup and dressing different from regular day and click snaps. On the day of Halloween, the fun things one can do is they can decorate their house in the Halloween theme use props like spiders, Halloween pumpkins, lights, wand sticks to give a real feel of a Halloween party in the house at this time.

Along mocktails and delicious food add value to the party. Halloween party is incomplete without the fun games. Games like never I have ever, Truth and dare with sipping of mocktails adds fun to the party. Also playing with frills add fun to the party and helps to increase bonding between friends and family. Other fun things that add value to Halloween party are doing a photoshoot by using different spots or by dancing to any favorite song. Halloween is more of looking different and scary so that you can completely enjoy the feel of Halloween. Drawing pumpkins, making Halloween pumpkin sticks, decoring the room with Halloween props, and painting it dark also add scary value to the party and can add more fun to it. Halloween comes every year so it’s best to do some unique and fun things every year.

Halloween is an age-old western Christian festival which is dedicated to remembering the dead. Everyone, whether a grownup or a child has something to enjoy on this festival. There are a lot of things you can do on Halloween apart from just scaring people. We have tried to list the following activities for you to do on Halloween that would make it more fun and bring the true spirit of the festival

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