What is one Christmas gift that you would love to receive this year?

I want to give my children a chance to have a trauma-free living space. I just need you to persuade my ex to think logically and reasonably and grant us all the legal consent to let us go, rather than thinking with his vengeful mind that wants to punish us for ever leaving him. There are people waiting for us in far away spaces where we might be safe.

He hasn’t lived with us in years, and hasn’t given us anything. I’m not asking him for money, and don’t want his time. Just enough to go find a notary and send us a set of signed papers that will set us free and away.

I like trying out new things, because I believe that is the only way to find out what stuff you love to do and what you don’t. If you don’t try a lot of things, how will you know, right? And if you don’t know what you love, how will you find what you want to do all your life? Well, needless to say, I haven’t the faintest clue about what I would want to do in my life. Hence all this trying out new things exercise.

Speaking out of experience, mom’s are more than likely to appreciate a gift that’s well thought out, rather than some expensive jewelry.

As an example, I’ll explain what a close friend of mine did for her mother to make her feel loved, special, and most importantly – healthy.

My friend (let’s caller her Amy) learned to swim when she was little. This isn’t too strange, right? Kids learn to swim at a young age, but what’s special about it is that Amy’s mother made damn sure that her kid learned how to swim properly. She paid for classes and was always there for her.

Now, what’s even more special about this is that Amy’s mom never learned how to swim. This obviously made her go out of her way and help Amy when she was little so that she wouldn’t have to “suffer” the same way she did.

What Amy decided to “gift” to her mother was nothing short of an amazing idea and an amazing gift – Amy decided that she’s going to teach her mom how to swim as well as to pay an indefinite membership at a gym her mom always wanted to go to.

If this doesn’t show consideration and love, I don’t know what does.

Besides cool gifts like that one, just spending time with your loved ones during the Christmas, doing various activities together such as getting the Christmas tree, decorating it, decorating your house with some awesome fairy string lights is a gift in and of itself, if you ask me.

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