Is it immoral for an atheist to accept a Christmas present?

Naturally Christmas is the modernised, somewhat Christianised, variation of a lot of events, most significantly Saturnalia.

Despite the fact that atheists generally do not rely on the god Saturn, I don’t think it is immoral to accept, or offer, Xmas presents. There are a lot of parts of Xmas tradition that originate from various other customs: the 3 Wise Men originates from Roman Catholic tradition (the Holy bible doesn’t call them nor state that there were three). The Mistletoe I assume comes from Norse and also Celtic traditions. The tree comes from all sorts of pagan customs yet probably generally Celtic traditons. Gift providing is a contemporary consumerist routine – sustained by department stores, that additionally gave us Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Santa Claus has roots in Russian Christianity however of course mainly was developed by United States outlet store, which is why he has the colours of Coca-Cola.

So there’s not that much pure Saturnalia in Xmas today. There’s a mix of all kind of old practices. Even a bit of Christianity, interestingly sufficient.

Many atheists do undoubtedly rely on consumerism to some extent. Even if they’re socialist heretics, they possibly still assume that acquiring stuff can be wonderful in some cases. So there’s nothing incorrect with providing individuals presents, if it makes them delighted.

Also long prior to it was Saturnalia, the Christmas period was an event of winter season solstice (which is why you discover events of it in a lot of societies). The suggestion that the middle of winter season had passed and also the Sunlight is gradually making its return, bringing the hope of springtime, is something that is most likely still worth celebrating for people in the north latitudes. Probably a more important concern would be if it’s hypocritical for individuals in the southerly hemisphere or the tropics to commemorate Xmas.

I would also believe Christians might have a problem with accepting presents at Christmas, since Jesus appeared to be a fairly anti-institutional kind of man who may not really accept of the consumerist craze that borders Xmas. Additionally despite the fact that he had not been born around the winter months solstice, he most likely would not like his name being mixed in with Xmas, even as a little part, and I make certain he ‘d despise the subdued carols that people sing regarding him as well as rudolph and also santa as well as trees and also one-horse open sleighs.

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