Weird Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitch Turns Tarantulas Into Pets

Weird Animal Crossing: New Horizons Glitch Turns Tarantulas Into Pets

This glitch in New Horizons will briefly make any tarantula an obedient pet.

You Are Reading :Weird Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitch Turns Tarantulas Into Pets

Weird Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitch Turns Tarantulas Into Pets

Tarantulas in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be caught, sold, donated to the museum, or displayed anywhere on the island, but that’s not all you can do with them. Thanks to a glitch revealed on Reddit, you can apparently have the game’s tarantulas follow you around and act as pets, too.

A Reddit user by the name of Indoh, shared a method which allowed them to essentially keep an Animal Crossing tarantula as a pet. The user opened their Nook Phone to take a picture right as a tarantula was about to attack them. This froze the tarantula’s animation, and caused it to follow the player around.

Although the clip wasn’t long enough to confirm, we’re fairly certain that exiting photo mode will bring things back to normal. That being said, it would be pretty cool to have a permanent tarantula pet within New Horizons. DLC ideas, anyone?

If you want to try this glitch out for yourself, or just want to do some tarantula hunting in general, you can find these large spiders roaming around your island at night time. You’ll want to look for them soon though, as tarantulas will be leaving the game in May, and won’t return again until November.

So far, glitches and discoveries like this one have been great contributions to the New Horizons online community, and with new content being found every day, it seems like that community will continue to grow and thrive. We’ve already seen a handful of bugs and secrets found by everyday players, and there will surely be more to come.

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New Horizons has seen a ton of success, tripling the launch sales of New Leaf, becoming the fastest selling Switch game in the UK, and even outselling Pokémon Sword and Shield in Japan. Everyone seems to be playing the game right now, and for good reason.

New Horizons has been a much needed escape from the stress of the real world, and we can’t really think of a better time for the game to have been released. Nothing says escape quite like a few hours of peaceful world building, cute critters, and good ol’ Tom Nook.

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