Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained: Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead?

Chucky’s season 1 finale delivers action and emotion, with even a major Child’s Play character seemingly dying. We break down what it all means.

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Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

Warning: SPOILERS for the Chucky season 1 finale.

Chucky episode 8, “An Affair to Dismember” brought the killer doll’s latest rampage to a thrilling conclusion while also setting up the future — including the mystery of whether a significant character from Child’s Play is actually dead. Over the course of the season, Chucky has racked up an impressive body count as well as attempted to manipulate multiple characters. Given his litany of nefarious actions, it’s no surprise that the Chucky season 1 finale set the stage for a variety of epic confrontations.

Since Chucky arrived in Hackensack, New Jersey, he has murdered at will while also trying to recruit a protege to join him. Principally, the killer doll latched onto alienated teen Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) but couldn’t quite lure him to murder. Chucky subsequently tried and failed to corrupt Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and her younger sister Caroline (Carina Battrick). Ultimately, Chucky swayed Junior (Teo Briones) and unveiled his full plan in Chucky episode 7, “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss.” With Junior completing a ritual by murdering his father, an army of Chucky dolls awoke, ready to be unleashed on countless victims. Villainous wild cards Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) and Nica-Chucky (Fiona Dourif) also lurked, embarking on their own mischief and lending a hand to the grand scheme. Equally, the more heroic Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) officially arrived in town, shortly followed by Kyle (Christine Elise McCarthy), who he’d tried to abandon for her own safety.

Both decades and episodes in the making, the various Chucky TV Show conflicts came to a head at multiple Hackensack venues. Andy and Kyle were caught in a particularly explosive situation while rescuing Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) at the childhood home of Charles Lee Ray. Meanwhile, eager to prevent the army of Chucky dolls from spreading across America, Jake and Lexy confronted Chucky and his protege Junior, respectively, as they enacted a massacre at a Hackensack charity event. Though several characters made it out alive, the Chucky season 1 finale wasn’t without casualties. In particular, Junior met his fate after choosing to protect Lexy and Kyle triggered a bomb built by Glenda and set by Tiffany. Unlike Junior, however, reports of Kyle’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated. Here’s a breakdown of the big events from Chucky’s season 1 finale and what the future may hold.

Is Kyle Actually Dead?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

After drugging Jake and Lexy to keep them out of the situation, Kyle ventured alone to the house in which Chucky’s episode 3 origin story succeeded in unfolding. Unfortunately, everyone choosing to fly solo ultimately backfired in spectacular fashion. After Andy successfully rescued Devon and paused to interrogate a Chucky, Kyle arrived and unknowingly activated the booby trap that Andy had dodged. After the house was engulfed in flame, Jake and Lexy awoke to reports of fatalities. Jake eventually discovered to his emotional relief that Devon had managed to escape in time. Furthermore, Jake, Devon, and Lexy later caught a glimpse of a scarred but very much alive Andy finishing the mission they’d all started.

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That left Kyle (along with a solitary Chucky doll) to be the fatalities mentioned by the news. That being said, however, the idea that Kyle had died in such a way never felt right. Firstly, Kyle has been a fan-favorite character since her debut in Child’s Play 2. As such, Kyle’s return for the ending of Cult of Chucky and then the Chucky TV show was met with immense excitement. Though the character got to have some dramatic and cool moments, her apparent death still felt somewhat anticlimactic. It also felt completely incongruous to how Child’s Play creator Don Mancini had treated the long-serving characters. Equally, Kyle was a considerable distance from the central blast, much more than the surviving Andy and Devon. Between all of that, and the fact Chucky never showed her body, there’s more than a good chance that Kyle actually lived to fight another day. Still, one can never be sure with this franchise.

Who Is The Gloved Figure?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

A clue towards that may have actually appeared towards the end of Chucky episode 8, “An Affair to Dismember.” As Jake, Lexy, and Devon gathered to mourn Junior at his grave, a mysterious figure was revealed to be secretly watching them from a distance. All that was seen of this figure was a black glove. That was nonetheless enough to hypothesize that it was Kyle. After all, the Easter egg-packed Chucky episode 7, “Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss” made a point of showing she’d bought black gloves for her and Andy. Kyle also visibly wore said gloves throughout the Chucky season 1 finale, right up to the aforementioned explosion. As such, she may have been tasked (or taken it upon herself) to watch over the surviving teens and/or deal with Tiffany while Andy handled the truck of Chucky dolls.

Of course, all of the above could be a red herring shrewdly crafted by Don Mancini. After all, Andy did seem as though he was grieving as he vengefully claimed possession of the truck carrying the Chucky army. Between that and Devon talking about standing together in fights right before the gloved figure emerged and ominous music played, it may have been a future threat rather than a friend. An option for whom that threat could be might actually be Glenda. Not seen since becoming human in Seed of Chucky, audiences have longed for both them and Glen to make a return. The Chucky season 1 finale mentioned Glenda and even established they’d had a villainous hand in the Hackensack plot. Therefore, the gloved hand may have belonged to Chucky’s genderfluid offspring, having arrived to seek revenge on Jake, Devon, and Lexy for disrupting the plan and killing (an iteration of) Chucky.

Why The Full Chucky Army Didn’t Attack Hackensack Together

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

After the Chucky army was unveiled, the majority were quickly packed up into a truck. That left a couple of killer dolls and Junior to oversee the massacre at the Frankenstein screening by themselves. Some Chucky viewers were likely disappointed that they didn’t get to see a full-on war between heroes and villains. In truth, however, it made total sense. Being the mastermind that Chucky has always been, he probably didn’t want to put all his eggs in one basket. Chucky was already seeing the bigger picture beyond Hackensack and likely didn’t want his numbers diminished early on. Plus, a whole Chucky army being active at once in Hackensack would have run the risk that the truth about him became more widespread. As such, his invasion of America would have too quickly lost the element of surprise that Chucky has so often thrived on.

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How Many Chucky Dolls Are Left?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

Chucky not unleashing the full force of his army ended up being a smart move. Chucky audiences had the pleasure of seeing multiple iterations defeated in the Chucky season 1 finale. Regardless, many more were thrillingly left in play for Chucky season 2 and beyond. But how many exactly was that? When Junior killed Logan (Devon Sawa), the horde gathered by Tiffany awoke, as did the Billy doll that Jake intercepted. Between those and the murder artist formerly known as Charles Lee Ray that the show had followed, there was a grand total of 74. Of course, one was promptly killed by Tiffany, with Kyle taking out the co-opted Billy. Towards the end of Chucky episode 8, Junior turned on his friend to the end and Jake killed Caroline’s. All in all, that left a confirmed total of 70 on the truck that Andy ended up hijacking.

Where’s the Tiffany Doll Taking Andy?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

No sooner had Andy turned the tables on Tiffany and stolen the truck of Chucky dolls, did the Tiffany doll turn them back. Revealing she was also on board, Tiff took Andy hostage at gunpoint and ordered him to keep driving to the airport. It’s no doubt too early to predict with certainty where she was forcing him to go. Still, Tiffany has amassed considerable resources while living as Jennifer Tilly — which have allowed her to keep murdering and conspiring with impunity. As such, the titular Bride of Chucky will have no issue keeping Andy captive when they reach the plane she’d acquired and the minions seemingly in her employ. Their eventual destination would most likely be Los Angeles, which has served as Tiffany’s base of operations since Seed of Chucky. As a result, the chances of Glen and/or Glenda appearing in Chucky season 2 increased even further.

Will Nica Ever Catch A Break?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

A further sign of Tiffany’s considerable resources was revealed via Nica’s horrific fate in the Chucky season 1 finale. Endeavoring to keep Nica around without the interference or vengeance of the still present spirit of Chucky, Tiffany had Nica’s arms and legs surgically removed. It was a shocking twist that further cemented Nica as the victim that’s suffered the most at the hands of Chucky’s many various forms across the movies. While Andy has been the longest-serving victim, his experiences look like a walk in the park compared to Nica’s – who had her entire family destroyed before being violated in every way imaginable. With seemingly also nobody in her corner or as yet trying to help her, Nica’s hellacious fate in Chucky episode 8 arguably marked a step too far for the franchise. Hopefully, audiences will get to see the once-progressive hero do more than suffer horribly in Chucky season 2.

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What’s Next For Jake, Devon, and Lexy?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

Conversely, despite losing parents, other family members, and beloved friends, Jake, Devon, and Lexy got something more akin to a happy ending in the final episode of the highly inclusive Chucky horror show. They were alive and an unbreakable bond of friendship, born in blood and trauma, had formed between them. Of course, any chance of returning to normalcy and moving forward will likely be short-lived. If the aforementioned gloved figure was Glenda (or another menace), they will soon be fighting for their lives once more in Chucky season 2. Equally, even if it turned out to be an ally like Kyle, the results will likely remain the same. After all, she will no doubt be forced to recruit the trio for a possible cross-country adventure to help rescue the captive Andy and destroy the remaining dolls.

Who Else Could Return For Chucky Season 2?

Chucky Season 1 Ending Explained Is [Spoiler] Actually Dead

By the end of Chucky episode 8, it felt like a given that current and popular Chucky stars Zackary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, and Alyvia Alyn Lind would return as Jake, Devon, and Lexy, respectively, for Chucky season 2. The same could assuredly be said of Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany, Fiona Dourif as Nica, Alex Vincent as Andy, and, if indeed alive, Christine Elise McCarthy as Kyle. Another fan favorite that may return is Carina Battrick as Caroline. Equally, Barbara Alyn Woods could reprise her role as Lexy’s selfish mother and Hackensack’s Mayor — either to redeem herself or be more horrid than ever. Having seemingly adopted Jake and Devon, Annie Briggs will likely return as the popular and mysterious Miss Fairchild, as will Blaise Crocker as Young Tiffany if more of her backstory is explored.

Unless voodoo was involved, such deceased characters as Logan, Bree, and Junior likely won’t return. Of course, that wouldn’t necessarily preclude actors like Lexa Doig returning as separate, new characters – as so many have done previously – or if Devon Sawa’s characters are revealed to be triplets, not twins. Familiar faces from the franchise’s past have always been a delight for fans and something Don Mancini likes to facilitate. As such, the continued calls for Chris Sarandon’s Mike Norris, Catherine Hicks’ Karen Barclay, and Perrey Reeves‘ Kristen De Silva could be answered in Chucky season 2. Reeves even recently stated she’d love to return and be on the show. Each would make for capable allies and Kristen would allow more romantic angles to be explored. All of that being said, though, since the theory that Glen would help Jake defeat Chucky didn’t pan out, Glen and Glenda will no doubt remain top of viewers lists for who could and should return in Chucky season 2.

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