Batman Topped Iron Man’s Hulkbuster to Crush the Justice League

Batman Topped Iron Man’s Hulkbuster to Crush the Justice League

Batman created his own Justice League buster to take down the superteam – and it was much stronger than Iron Man’s Hulkbuster.

You Are Reading :Batman Topped Iron Man’s Hulkbuster to Crush the Justice League

Batman Topped Iron Man’s Hulkbuster to Crush the Justice League

Move over Iron Man, Batman’s Justice Buster armor is the most impressive buster armor ever made. When the Justice League turned on Batman due to a toxin created by the Joker, Batman decided to pull out one of his biggest guns in the fight to survive. In DC Comics’ Endgame storyline, Batman called on the assistance of his Justice Buster armor, which was specifically designed to take on the members of the Justice League and protect him from their powerful attacks.

Batman: Endgame by Scott Synder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, Steve Wands, and FCO Plascencia was part of the creative team’s iconic New 52 run on the Dark Knight. The storyline featured the return of the Joker, who used a special toxin to infect the Justice League and turn them against Batman. So, how did Batman defend himself against some of the most powerful heroes on the planet? While Iron Man used his Hulkbuster armor to take down a single hero in the Hulk, Batman created the Justice Buster, which had specific design elements included to defeat the entire Justice League.

In Batman: Endgame, Bruce Wayne faces off against his fellow Justice League heroes one by one, with each fight revealing a perfect counter to the team member he battles. The giant mech-like armor implemented a relic called the “bind of veils” which made Wonder Woman believe she actually killed him in battle when it was all an illusion. He then used his most expensive upgrade ever to throw the Flash off balance and crash the speedster into a building. With Aquaman, he uses a special foam with the most absorbent material on Earth to trap him. So, what can Batman do against the Man of Steel? He takes him down with a sun-powered punch.

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Before delivering the mammoth blow, Batman reveals his armor’s design feature to take down Superman. He tells Superman his knuckles feature pods that each contain microscopic red suns from dead solar systems thanks to the help of the Atom. The two fight as the Joker-infected Superman rips the armor off of Batman’s body. He’s only stopped when Batman spits Kryptonite gum stored in his suit’s helmet in Superman’s face.

Ultimately, the Justice Buster armor did its job and helped Batman take down the Justice League. Considering the power levels of each member, the suit perfectly countered them even it was destroyed by Superman in the end. While it might be the most expensive armor Batman has ever assembled, it sure seemed to be worth every penny. Iron Man could learn a thing or two from the Caped Crusader’s Justice League Buster next time he makes his own Hulkbuster armor.

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