Bruce Waynes Money Would Help Gotham More Than Batman Ever Will

Bruce Wayne’s Money Would Help Gotham More Than Batman Ever Will

Why doesn’t Batman give away his billions to help the world, instead of using it on tanks and punching bad guys in an armored bat suit?

You Are Reading :Bruce Waynes Money Would Help Gotham More Than Batman Ever Will

Bruce Waynes Money Would Help Gotham More Than Batman Ever Will

Bruce Wayne has an insane amount of funds and resources. At this point, Batman doesn’t just have millions at his disposal, he has billions, allowing him to keep his mission of justice as the Caped Crusader going with more tech, more tools, and more means than any other superhero in the DC Universe. There’s a reason Bruce Wayne tells the Flash that his super power is being rich when asked in 2017’s Justice League film.

His cash flow is near infinite, way more than he had when he was first introduced to comics way back in 1939. As a result, this has lead to some problematic questions aimed at the Batman and what Bruce Wayne could do with all of his money instead of being Batman. Fans have wondered for a while now as to why Bruce Wayne wouldn’t just give all or most of his money away to solve several problems that plague Gotham and the world at large.

For example, journalist Rebecca Renner recently asked on Twitter why Batman wouldn’t just use his wealth to provide his city with a universal basic income, thereby hopefully eliminating crime. Instead, he beats people up in a bat suit. Other questions persist as well, raising several valid concerns over Batman’s methods. With the amount of money he now has, he could easily feed and take care of every citizen in Gotham. While there’d potentially still be super villains such as the Joker, who couldn’t be reasoned with, the common criminal element could be done away with by Bruce cutting a check. Regarding these questions and more, current Batman writer James Tynion IV has shared that he hopes to eliminate these issues going forward, especially in the aftermath of Joker War.

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Fans with these questions might be interested to know that Joker has recently taken all of Batman funds and resources from him. Several of Bruce Wayne’s assets in the Wayne Foundation were set up in off-shore accounts so that his spending as Batman would be kept private. Unfortunately, this made it even easier for Joker to seize the funds. Using Bruce Wayne’s money and resources, Joker is now waging a full scale war on Batman with the very means the Dark Knight would typically use to fight him.

Tynion has teased that a more original Batman will potentially emerge after Joker War, and might not have the resources he once did. At the very least, the way he uses his money will be different, with Bruce not spending so much on weapons and tech, which could potentially free up some money to make a more positive difference on his city without violence. It’s something he was starting to do in past issues, putting a lot of resources into the city’s infrastructure, giving Gotham an overhaul for the better. Fans will have to wait until Joker War ends to see if some of those problematic Batman questions will get answered, but Tynion is teasing the idea.

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