Dragon Ball Super Theory Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

Dragon Ball Super Theory: Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

Who could Goku and the Z-Warriors face after Broly? There are several good options for the main villain of Dragon Ball Super’s second movie.

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Dragon Ball Super Theory Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

There are a handful of good options for the main villain of Dragon Ball Super’s second movie. The film, which is confirmed to be in development at Toei Animation, will likely take place after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

It remains to be seen how Dragon Ball Super will follow up tremendously powerful threats like Jiren and Broly, but since each Dragon Ball story traditionally pits Goku and the Z-Warriors against a foe stronger than the last, it’s likely that the new villain will outclass all of his or her predecessors. This person could stand revealed as a totally new character, or Dragon Ball Super can use someone fans of the franchise are already familiar with.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly set a precedent by featuring the Legendary Super Saiyan, which means that more non-canon villains from the Dragon Ball Z movies may be on the table. It could be one of them, a villain that the Z-Warriors already fought in canon, or a manga character that the anime hasn’t used yet. Here are the best candidates for the upcoming sequel’s villain.


Dragon Ball Super Theory Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

The character who is undoubtedly the most popular choice for the movie’s villain is Cooler, who was the antagonist of two Dragon Ball Z movies, Cooler’s Revenge and The Return of Cooler. In his original story, his goal was to avenge the death of his brother, Frieza. Though Frieza was the strongest opponent they had faced up until that point, Cooler was depicted as a force that was even greater than him. He nearly defeated the Z-Warriors, but was eventually brought down by Super Saiyan Goku. The power he possessed in that fight obviously can’t compare to what the heroes are capable of now, but how Dragon Ball Super handled Frieza shows how he can be reimagined and brought into canon as the anime’s most powerful villain yet.

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Since the Cooler in the Dragon Ball Z movies was naturally stronger than Frieza, Dragon Ball Super can reveal that its take on the villain shares the same potential. And if Frieza can match Goku’s Super Saiyan God power in just four months of vigorous training, then it makes sense that his brother could achieve similar (if not better) results. The movie could even take a page from the non-canon Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, and give him his own golden form.

As for why he’d want to fight Goku, the motive can’t be the same one he had in Cooler’s Revenge. Frieza has been wished back to life, so he’d need a different reason to become an enemy of the heroes. Either way, the change in the status quo for Frieza presents the anime with some interesting opportunities in terms of what can be done with Cooler. Frieza being alive makes an alliance between the two feasible, which was something that was impossible in both Cooler’s Revenge and The Return of Cooler. If Frieza’s brother emerges, he could receive another shot at eliminating his Saiyan rivals.


Dragon Ball Super Theory Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama teased the inclusion of an “unexpected” character in the film, and while that clue may not pertain to the villain at all, it would certainly describe what viewers would think of Cell’s return. Cell, who was killed by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan in Dragon Ball Z, is thought of by many as one of the anime’s greatest antagonists ever. But since he hasn’t been seen in years, it appears that Dragon Ball has moved on from him. That being said, Dragon Ball Super making Frieza relevant again means that the same thing can be done with Cell. If it can find a way to revive him and give him a massive upgrade, he could seek revenge on Gohan and possibly start an all-new, even deadlier version of the Cell Games for the Z-Warriors to compete in.

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Dragon Ball Super Theory Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon had to work together to save the universe from Janemba, a powerful creature spawned by an explosion of dark energy in Other World. The evil, sword-wielding entity never spoke, but his unique design and prowess in battle have made him a fan favorite. Not unlike the treatment that was given Broly in Dragon Ball Super, the new movie can tweak Janemba by giving him some depth and a new origin. It’s possible that if he’s brought into Dragon Ball canon, he’ll be introduced as a seemingly invincible, destructive force from the Demon Realm.


Dragon Ball Super Theory Who The Villain Could Be In The Second Movie

Another name’s that picking up steam in discussions about the new movie is Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might’s Turles. The Saiyan, who looks oddly identical to Goku despite not being related to him, was shown to be an evil warlord who greatly enhanced his power by ingesting the fruit from the magical Tree of Might. Similar to the situation with Cell and Cooler, Turles is incredibly weak in comparison to the Z-Warriors’ current capabilities. Even Yamcha, Tien, and Krillin are more powerful than the Tree of Might villain. Dragon Ball Super could fix this by making a big adjustment to his power level, but it may seem repetitive for Goku and Vegeta to suddenly come across another Saiyan capable of rivaling them. After all, they just fought Broly.

One way Dragon Ball Super can make Turles work is by increasing the effects of the fruit, as opposed to just changing his natural abilities. It could be that in Dragon Ball Super’s Turles story, the Tree of Might can give someone divine power. In regards to how the movie may explain his resemblance to Goku, Turles could be established as Goku’s Universe 6 counterpart. If the anime reimagines him as a Universe 6 character, that would open the door for Caulifla, Kale, and Cabba to join the battle.

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Dragon Ball Super ended with Android 17 winning the Tournament of Power, and then moved on to Broly for the first movie. In Dragon Ball Super’s manga continuation, this was followed up by the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, which saw the Z-Warriors go up against Moro, an all-powerful sorcerer who escaped from the Galactic Patrol and led a gang of super-strong criminals in his fight against the heroes of Universe 7. Since this story was the next chapter for the Z-Warriors in the manga, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if this turned out to be the plan for the movie as well.

However, some feel that Toei Animation may not use this storyline for the movie because of its length. The Moro arc consisted of 25 chapters, so there is some debate over whether or not it can be condensed into a two-hour film. But if a big-screen adaptation of the Moro fight is on the horizon, it would mean that some exciting things are coming for the Z-Warriors. In the manga, the Moro story improved Goku and Vegeta’s abilities, put Yamcha and Chiaotzu back in action, and more.

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