Has The Flash Revealed Savitars True Identity

Has The Flash Revealed Savitar’s True Identity?

Fans of The Flash are waiting for Savitar’s true identity to be revealed – but has the mystery been solved?

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Has The Flash Revealed Savitars True Identity

NOTE: This article contains potential SPOILERS for The Flash

[UPDATE: The Flash has confirmed SAVITAR IS BARRY ALLEN – But did you catch these clues?]

First The Flash brought fans its first big bad/secret identity twist when Harrison Wells was truly the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne. Then came Jay Garrick, who turned out to be the supervillain Zoom. In its third season, The CW show seemed to be throwing off the idea of a secret identity shocker with its villain Savitar, the so-called ‘God of Speed.’ A god needs no disguise, so things seemed to truly be headed in a new direction… until Savitar was revealed to be another future nemesis of Barry Allen, whose ‘divine’ nature wasn’t entirely accurate. Once again, the fans are asking: who is Savitar?

Possessing nearly immeasurable speed and knowing what the future holds for Barry and his friends, the villain is definitely familiar. Star Grant Gustin has reassured fans that while previous villains were hinted at and deduced by some fans before the big reveal, Flash fans won’t guess Savitar’s secret identity. But after the villain’s cryptic prophecies offered a hint of who he might be, and what DC Comics mythology is being drawn upon, the latest episodes have added a new wrinkle.

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One certain to fuel the discussion of Savitar’s true identity – and perhaps, finally make good on one of the earliest Reverse-Flash theories the community ever put forward.

Savitar is From The Future

Has The Flash Revealed Savitars True Identity

“Jesse Quick. I knew you would come for me… I know everything that happens. I’ve already lived it… I have such plans for you in the future.”

We’ll start with the most recent detail before explaining how it has placed existing evidence into a new light. As Barry Allen went searching for a solution “Into the Speed Force” in the latest episode, Jesse Quick found herself impatient, and unwilling to stand by as other speedsters took all the risk. In a fairly reckless act, she set about tracking a captured piece of Savitar’s anatomy back to its source – bringing her face to face with the villain himself. Jesse was anything but prepared for the standoff, but the same couldn’t be said for the villain… he knew Jesse would make the move, and in his words, already has “plans” for the female Flash. How? Because he has “already lived it.”

It’s a word use that could fly by plenty of viewers already comfortable with the idea that Savitar hails from the future, having one day crossed paths with The Flash, been defeated, and imprisoned in a Speed Force Hell constructed by Barry himself (if you believe his story). But knowing the past is different from having lived it, and can be taken one of two ways. It could be a hint that Savitar has also tried to change history more than once, knowing what Barry’s allies will try to prevent his success because he’s seen them do it before, been defeated, and traveled back to try it again. But that’s a complicated fictional pill for audiences to swallow.

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The easier answer? Savitar has lived through this story as one of the other players in it. Before his life led him to Savitar, and his prison removed from time and space… back when he was just a member of Barry’s circle of friends.

“I’m The Future, Flash”

That interpretation will be all fans need to spin their own theories and possible candidates (Wally, HR, even Jesse herself). And it also lends a bit more weight to a theory spun out of the first time Savitar spoke to the show’s cast of characters via Julian mind-meld. It was during that conversation that Savitar made his prophecy, claiming that members of the S.T.A.R. Labs team would betray eachother, suffer a fate worse than death, fall, etc.. When asked just who he really was, the God of Speed gave a chilling answer to Barry Allen. tinged with pride: “I’m the future, Flash.” Or, if you were among the fans hungry for each and every Speed Force prediction and theory, his admission was that he was actually “the Future Flash.” As in, the person claiming the title of ‘The Flash’ in an unknown future time and place.

The possibility was an easy one to consider (he literally spoke the words, which is fewer dots than usually need to be connected for a villain theory), but almost seemed too easy. Then Savitar returned via Julian mind-meld in a later episode, and repeated the phrase… twice. At that point, it seemed guaranteed to not be the real mystery, since The Flash’s writers would never make the mistake of hinting too strongly at the coming reveal. And when Gustin recently stated that fans wouldn’t see the Savitar twist coming, a “Future Flash” seemed like a possible misdirection, if anything.

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But add this new detail – that this so-called “Future Flash” is present elsewhere in the story – and it’s hard to not guess that he’s exactly what he claims to be. In short: the villain fans predicted from the debut season.

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