New Pokemon Snap In the Tall Grass Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap: In the Tall Grass Request Guide

The In the Tall Grass request in New Pokemon Snap challenges players to find sad Pokemon hidden in the tree, and this is how it works.

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New Pokemon Snap In the Tall Grass Request Guide

In the Tall Grass is a request in New Pokemon Snap that players can complete on the Founja Jungle course. Requests are additional challenges that players can attempt to complete to get additional rewards. These requests can only be completed on specific courses, even if the relevant Pokemon appear on multiple courses in the game. They will usually revolve around getting a particular picture for one of the NPCs in the game. Sometimes players will need to use a piece of equipment to lure or provoke the Pokemon, such as an Illumina Orb.

New Pokemon Snap’s In the Tall Grass request can only be finished on Founja Jungle during the day, and players will need to have an early game item unlocked before they can do it. Fluffruit will be required for this request, as it will be used to lure a shy Pokemon from cover. To complete the request, players will need to snap a picture of a Pokemon that has been heard crying in the Founja Jungle area.

The Pokemon in question can be found in the final portion of the Founja Jungle course, near the waterfall and pools. Much like the Triple Threat request, players will need to utilize their scanners for this quest. As players travel through this area, they should regularly hit the X button to use the Scanner to check the surrounding area. Near the rear cliff, they will eventually see an icon with three question marks on it in some very tall grass.

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When they are close to the area marked by the icon, players will then need to throw a Fluffruit into the grass, which will lure out the Pokemon. A Sobble will appear, and players will need to snap a photo of it. A simple photo of the Sobble will result in a 1 Star Snap, while players who manage to capture it eating the fruit will get a 2 Star instead. The Founja Jungle is filled with other Pokemon that players can snap while they are traveling around on their way to the area with the Sobble.

After they finish the course, players can have the photograph of the Sobble checked by the Professor and may then hand in the request through the relevant tab. As a reward, they will receive a sticker that they can use to add some fun and flair to their pictures of any of the many Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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