Pokémon BDSP Secret Base Design Ideas

Pokémon BDSP Secret Base Design Ideas

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl reintroduced Secret Bases to the franchise, and players are employing very fun design strategies for them.

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Pokémon BDSP Secret Base Design Ideas

Secret Bases returned to the Pokémon franchise in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and players are already creating really fun ways to design their special, personal rooms in Sinnoh’s Grand Underground. Like in the original Diamond and Pearl games, BDSP’s Secret Bases are mined into rocky walls, and their rustic presentations can be elevated with players’ decorations. However, unlike the original games, BDSP only allows players to style their Secret Bases with Pokémon Statues, leaving behind all of the furniture and decor options that the original games boasted.

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s style of Secret Bases differs not only from the original generation 4 games but also from the hugely revamped Secret Bases in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Despite not being able to decorate as thoroughly as before, player interactivity returns with BDSP’s Secret Bases. Players have the option to play both locally and on the internet when they go the Grand Underground, so they can show off their Secret Base to their friends or to the world. Because of this, many are hunting for the best Statues to showcase in their Base.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Secret Bases are different but they have their own charm. To make them their own, players can design their Secret Bases with actual interior design ideals in mind or abandon them completely, instead opting to design them however they wish. Essentially, players can use all of one type of statue, mix a variety of Standard and Regular Statues for color diversity, and/or sprinkle in some legendary Statues to show off their chops. Players can also employ pedestals to highlight certain statues and offer height variety in the Base.

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Color Statues Show Off Luck And Style In Pokémon BDSP

Pokémon BDSP Secret Base Design Ideas

Like Standard Statues, Color Statues in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground can be found via digging in cracks in the wall. However, Color Statues are rarer than Standard ones, therefore working more effectively for players’ open-world Hideaway spawns in BDSP. These statues are green in color and look more interesting than the stone-colored Standard Statues. Showing off a room full of Color Statues, known colloquially throughout the fandom as Shiny Statues, flexes one’s luck in finding them and their dedication to hunting them.

At the same time, players could opt for all Standard Statues, whether out of necessity or because they simply prefer their aesthetic. However, even if this is the case, one effortless way to breathe new life into Secret Bases is by playing with size and height. Each Statue is its own size and height, just like the Pokémon on which they’re modeled. Moreover, players can purchase pedestals for their Secret Base. These are a change in BDSP’s Underground and let players prop up their statues to show them off. They can also be used to create patterns in one’s Base or differentiate Statutes’ heights.

Diversity in Statues’ appearances will make a player’s Secret Base more three-dimensional. Instead of haphazardly placing Statues, place smaller ones around larger ones to create highs and lows when viewing the Secret Base. At the same time, pedestals can make rows, squares, or other shapes out of similarly-shaped Statues. Imagine, too, pedestals in a sort of circle with one in its middle, creating a Poké Ball shape. Pedestals help create endless options for designing a cute Secret Base.

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BDSP’s Legendary Statues Highlight True Pokémon Collectors

If players are Pokémon masters and put enough effort into putting together Slates to use at Ramanas Park and then consequently catch that Slate’s legendary Pokémon, they’ll be rewarded with a Statue of that legendary. Bear in mind that some of BDSP’s legendary Pokémon at Ramanas Park are version-exclusive, though. Still, players have options. They can show off all of their legendary statues to prove to others that they had the chops to catch them all, or they could be more specific with their choices. A Regice Statue against the back wall, for example, is foreboding when surrounded by other traditional Pokémon.

When thinking about legendary Pokémon Statues just like other Statues, consider the type of Pokémon being represented. One design option is separating Statues by type, such as one corner being dedicated to the Fairy-type Pokémon added to the Sinnoh region and another to the game’s Flying-types. Even if this approach is followed, trainers should remember to incorporate some size and height variety to keep the Base looking fleshed out. A Magmortar Statue will look nice with a Chimchar Statue and a Combusken Statue, for example, because they’re all different sizes.

Or, maybe there’s a certain theme trainers want to follow when creating their Secret Base in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. In this case, following strict rules about size variety may not be necessary. Players could create a Secret Base that only features starter Pokémon, or maybe trainers want to highlight all starter monsters of a certain type, in which case worrying about variety may not be important. Other themes could include highlighting the cute Pokémon that can be walked with at Amity Square, the Pokémon found at Mr. Backlot’s Trophy Garden, their original party of 6 with which they beat the Elite Four and Champion, and many more. One fun idea would be to, even if challenging, update one’s Secret Base with their team’s Statues as they catch and evolve Pokémon throughout the story.

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Ultimately, the options for decorating one’s Secret Base in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are limitless as long as players continue to mine more Statues. Important to remember is that players gain access to the Grand Underground while in the second gym’s city – Eterna City – so one’s Secret Base can be worked on fairly early on in the game. Dedicating time to it throughout the story as well as afterward can lead to new excitement and fun, and changing up its style can lead to countless design opportunities, especially as players mine more and more Statues. This leads to exciting changes to one’s Hideaway spawns in BDSP, too, creating endless explorative fun.

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