Pokemon GO Giratina Altered Forme Counters (May 2020 Update)

Pokemon GO: Giratina Altered Forme Counters (May 2020 Update)

Pokemon GO players who want to get ready for the upcoming Altered Forme Giratina Raids should use this guide to prepare the best counter roster.

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Thanks to the launch of Remote Raiding, Pokemon GO trainers are getting a chance to battle against three iconic Legendary bosses over the next few weeks. For each of the next three weeks, popular Legendary creatures are coming back to Raids to help encourage users to purchase and use the new Remote Raid Passes available in the game. Altered Forme Giratina is second on the list and will arrive in early May.

Trainers who missed the opportunity to catch Giratina Altered Forme last time around will definitely want to take advantage of the special Legendary Raids now that the Ghost/Dragon-type has secured its spot as one of the best Pokemon in the PoGO metagame.

Giratina Altered Forme initially appeared in Pokemon GO raids quite a while ago, but is finally back thanks to the month of Legendary Weekend events. That means that there are a lot of new Pokemon, evolutions, and move sets available now and the strategy for the Raid has changed quite a bit. For players who still have an older roster saved, we thought it would be a good idea to post an update with the current best counters available.

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From Tuesday, May 5, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. to Tuesday, May 12, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7), Altered Forme Giratina will be available in five-star raids. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Altered Forme Giratina (fingers crossed!).

Ghost/Dragon is a very powerful combo and Giratina should actually be a great Pokemon in the current metagame, which makes this boss’ arrival even more exciting. When Pokemon GO players are ready to head into battle against the creature, this is the team we recommend assembling:


Kyurem (Black) – Dragon Tail Outrage

Kyurem (White) – Dragon Breath Blizzard

Rayquaza – Dragon Tail and Outrage

Paikia – Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor


Dragonite – Dragon Tail and Outrage

Salamence – Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor

Latios – Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw

Dialga – Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor


Mewtwo – Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball

Gengar – Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball

Banette – Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball

Tyranitar – Bite and Crunch

A few members of this roster are a little on the rare side, but most Pokemon GO raiders should be able to come up six strong options for this particular fight. Remember that the moveset is very important, so don’t hesitate to blow through some TMs getting the better combo together before this fight.

As always, don’t forget that if you only have six strong options, you can use revives after your first party faints and bring them back into the fight, rather than settling for the B-team.

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Be sure to check back for more Pokemon GO news, updates, and strategy guides in the coming days. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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