Pokémon GO Halloween Event Adds New Costumed Pikachu Pumpkaboo & More

Pokémon GO Halloween Event Adds New Costumed Pikachu, Pumpkaboo & More

Pokémon GO’s yearly Halloween event is stuffed with tricks and treats, including brand-new Pokémon and raids against ghostly pocket monsters.

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A spooky new Halloween event in Pokémon GO will add big additions to the mobile title; such as new Pokémon, themed costumes and raids. Since its release, the alternate reality game has been supported by developer Niantic with updates and events. Pokémon GO events are planned throughout October, including a Halloween-themed event and a crossover with an upcoming animated film.

October is a particularly festive month, with Halloween and the general fall season giving it a strong sense of identity. Pokémon GO will capitalize on October’s festivities with a number of events throughout the month. Ghost-type Pokémon will receive their own Spotlight Hours throughout the month, with the spherical Drifloon and the noxious Gastly being spotlighted on October 5 and October 12, respectively. Intense raids will also be held in October, with players going up against dark Pokémon such as Mega Gengar and the Mythical Pokémon Darkrai. Pokémon GO has also recently teased that the dark and mysterious Galarian Slowking will be involved in the mobile title’s Halloween 2021 celebration.

An unveiling of Pokémon GO’s Halloween celebration reveals a large amount of content coming to to the alternate reality title. The extensive event will be split into two parts, with Creepy Companions running from October 15 to 22 while Ghoulish Pals runs from October 22 to 31. Throughout both parts of the event, a Special Research story will make Ghost-type Pokémon appear more often in the wild and a Halloween Cup will be available in the GO Battle League. More Costumed Pokémon have been added, such as Halloween Mischief Pikachu and Piplup, and creepy-themed avatars items will also be available.

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With Halloween creeping up, the #PokemonGOHalloween celebrations will soon begin! 🎃 Encountering spooky Pokémon, enjoying sweet Candy bonuses, donning terrifyingly cool avatar items—there’s plenty of Halloween-themed shenanigans to enjoy!https://t.co/theUl0Vi2j pic.twitter.com/quVd4KEWNC

Part 1 of the Pokémon GO Halloween event, Creepy Companions, will add Galarian Slowking as an evolution of Galarian Slowpoke. Raids will focus on scary Pokémon, including a Five-Star Raid against Altered Forme Giratina and a Mega Raid against Mega Gengar. Part 2 of the event, Ghoulish Pals, will then feature a Five-Star Raid against Darkrai and a Mega Raid against Mega Absol. This second part will also see four brand-new Pokémon making their debut into Pokémon GO, with the line-up consisting of Phantump, Trevenant, Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist. With these additional monsters will come a new visible size mechanic, with the size of Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist actually being reflected in their in-game models.

Pokémon GO’s annual Halloween celebration is typically among the game’s largest yearly updates. Pokémon GO’s 2020 Halloween Event introduced its own brand-new Pokémon, Galarian Yamask, and included raids focusing on supernatural creatures like Darkrai and Gengar. The Halloween Cup as also featured in the Battle League last year, though it looks like 2021 has even greater things in store for players.

Halloween 2021 looks to be a very substantial event for Pokémon GO, with brand-new Pokémon and an abundance of other activities in store. Special costumes and themed raids are on the menu, and Ghost-type Pokémon will be encountered in abundance during the spooky season.

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