Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC May Be Bringing Back Popular Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC May Be Bringing Back Popular Pokemon

A Twitter user was sleuthing through the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer and thinks he might have spotted another returning favorite.

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Another popular Pokemon might be coming back as part of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s upcoming Isle of Armor DLC.

Over 200 Pokemon from previous generations are said to be returning to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield in the DLC, and so far at least 70 or so Pokemon have been confirmed by the new trailer. But one that was thought not to have been in the trailer actually might have been tucked away.

Though one Pokemon might already be hidden in the trailer in a more direct-ish way, this other one was much harder to spot. It took twitter user @Mattyoukhana_ to spot it. When Matt zoomed in on one of the images shown briefly and blurrily at the end of the trailer, he noticed what looks like an Amoongus. And of course, if there is Amoongus there is Foongus, its pre-evolutionary form.

To those who don’t see the appeal of this Pokeball-patterned mushroom, its popularity lies in competitive play. Amoongus can learn the move Spore, instantly putting most Pokemon to sleep. If the opposing Pokemon wakes up, Amoongus can not only take some solid hits but its Hidden Ability, Regenerator, will allow it to regenerate 1/3 of its health upon retreating. Combining that with something like Stun Spore also makes Amoongus a very hard to get rid of Pokemon that can consistently cripple opposing Pokemon.

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There is no official word on whether Amoongus and Foongus will make the cut for the Isle of Armor, but even if there are no further announcements before the Isle of Armor releases, players will be able to find out for themselves on June 17. Players who want to get ready should be sure to cash in on the valuable Mystery Gifts that are being given out via Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Home. Players that use Pokemon Home can get the Galarian starters with their Hidden Abilities for the first time. The Sword and Shield Mystery gift will yield a Hidden Ability Galarian Corsola, along with evolutionary items to make Slurpuff, Flapple, Appletun, and both Antique and Phony form Polteageists.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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