Sister Wives Janelle Called Selfish for Not Supporting Other Wives

Sister Wives: Janelle Called Selfish for Not Supporting Other Wives

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown was called out for having a bad attitude and not supporting the other wives. Her marriage may be in turmoil.

You Are Reading :Sister Wives Janelle Called Selfish for Not Supporting Other Wives

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is getting dragged online for her selfish behavior and for not supporting the other wives. The popular TLC show is currently in its 15h season and follows the lives of a polygamous family and how they all navigate that lifestyle. The show stars Kody Brown, his 15 children and his four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin. When the show first began, Brown and his wives claimed they agreed to participate in the reality show in order to get rid of the stigma attached to polygamous relationships. All but one of the women grew up in polygamist families, so it is all very normal for them.

When Sister Wives first began, the family all lived together in Lehi, Utah but eventually moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. The reason for their move was the fact that polygamous relationships were considered to be illegal in the state of Utah. The family lived in Nevada for a number of years and eventually, they packed up and moved once again. This time, the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where they have lived somewhat happily ever since. Happily up until this past year it seems like.

In the recent season 15 finale, one of the wives, Christine, expressed her unhappiness and her desire to move back to Utah. Christine thought, since the ban on polygamist relationships in Utah was lifted, the women would be happy to move back. None of the wives were on board with the idea, saying there is nothing for them in Utah. Despite the fact that all the women disagreed, fans are especially angry at the way Janelle responded to the idea. Reddit users were commenting that this was another example in a long list of examples showcasing Janelle’s selfish behavior. While Meri’s main concern was consoling Christine when she was upset, Janelle just seemed happy to have gotten what she wanted.

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One commenter, in particular, had a lot to say about how Janelle has portrayed herself on the show over the years. According to the user, Janelle always came off as lazy, who relied heavily on Kody and his other wives to raise her children, while she lived her life. They claim, Janelle “doesn’t care about what Christine wants” even though she probably owes Christine who “practically raised her kids for her.” Users particularly take issue with the fact that Janelle didn’t want to move because there is nothing for her in Utah. To them, this shows her selfish nature because Christine’s whole family is there, including her sick father, with who she wants her children to spend time.

What does this mean for the family? Could this rift cause Christine to leave the family and venture out on her own? While Christine expressed she needs more from her relationship than what she currently has. Her desire for more of a partnership in her marriage, could potentially lead her to leave this arrangement and find something new. As for now, according to their social media accounts, Christine has yet to leave her marriage, but you never know what’s to come in the future. There have also been hints that Kody is ready to settle down with one wife, and fans think he will most likely choose Robyn. No one knows what the future holds, but she might as well get out before he kicks her out.

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