Stranger Things What Happened To The Mysterious Egg In The Upside Down

Stranger Things: What Happened To The Mysterious Egg In The Upside Down

An odd yellow egg was seen multiple times in the Upside Down during Stranger Things season 1, but the series still hasn’t explained the object.

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Stranger Things What Happened To The Mysterious Egg In The Upside Down

A large yellow egg was featured in Stranger Things season 1, but the mysterious object’s existence has yet to be explained. The egg resided in the Upside Down, but unlike popular belief, it was not connected to the Demogorgon’s lifecycle. After introducing the Mind Flayer in season 2, the Netflix series made it clear that the dark dimension was the source of various creatures. Created by the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things is currently developing season 4, although a premiere date has not been announced.

The egg in question first appeared in Stranger Things’ sixth episode when Eleven made contact with the Demogorgon through her telekinetic abilities. When she tapped into the monster’s location, it was seemingly feeding off of the egg covered in webbing. The object was shown again two episodes later in the season 1 finale episode. Chief Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers traveled into the Upside Down to rescue the latter’s young son, Will. While inside the alternate dimension, Hopper stopped to inspect the egg, noticing it had hatched since it was hollowed and cracked. The addition of the egg was viewed as a nod to Aliens, but it might serve a bigger purpose.

Despite the appearance of the egg in two key season 1 scenes, it was never shown again. Two more seasons have come and gone without any mention or explanation into the purpose of the egg. This might not come as a complete surprise considering there’s still a ton of information regarding the Upside Down that hasn’t been uncovered. Many viewers wonder who created the Upside Down and why it’s connected to Hawkins. For now, the egg question remains unanswered but that might not be the case for long.

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The Upside Down Egg Will Probably Come Into Play In A Future Season

Since its introduction, the presence of the Upside Down’s egg has been the center of numerous fan theories. Thankfully, the Duffer Brothers have plans for the object according to a quote made by the pair back in 2016. While discussing Stranger Things season 1 with EW, the creative duo questioned the yellow eggs before adding that “we know the answers to all these questions and more, we promise, but we wanted to keep the mystery alive, to leave the door cracked for potential “sequels.” Interestingly enough, the Duffers used the plural form, insinuating that there were multiple eggs in the Upside Down. Nearing the arrival of Stranger Things season 4, time is ticking when it comes to returning to the egg mystery.

Considering the Demogorgon was feeding off of the egg, it’s plausible that they’re a source of food for the creature. The flora and fauna are still a mystery in the series so it’s unclear what the monsters live off of within the Upside Down when not snacking on humans. More than likely, the egg connects to some other creature that has yet to be introduced in Stranger Things. With Dart’s small size, it seems unlikely that an egg that big would be necessary for a Demogorgon. That means another monster is probably lurking within the Upside Down and the Mind Flayer is waiting to unleash it in the near future.

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