Supernatural Every Angel Still Alive (& How More Could Appear In Season 15)

Supernatural: Every Angel Still Alive (& How More Could Appear In Season 15)

The crumbling state of heaven is a key plot point in Supernatural season 15. Here’s every angel remaining, and where more can come from.

You Are Reading :Supernatural Every Angel Still Alive (& How More Could Appear In Season 15)

Supernatural Every Angel Still Alive (& How More Could Appear In Season 15)

Here are the few angels remaining in Supernatural, as well as several ways the celestial cavalry could arrive. Angels have been an integral part of the Supernatural story since Castiel first dragged Dean from the pits of hell and burst into the Winchesters’ lives as their new best friend. From season 4 onward, Sam and Dean have met angels, Grigori, archangels, alternative archangels and half-angels, and after coming out victorious each time, now find themselves in a battle for the universe against their creator, Chuck. While Chuck is certainly the main threat in Supernatural’s final, fifteenth season, the sorry state of heaven is another issue the show must resolve when it returns from its current hiatus.

Angels are quite literally a dying breed in the world of Supernatural. Chuck’s absence from Heaven had already rendered the birth of fresh angels a tricky business, but potential God replacements have become increasingly rare. Among the various archangels, Lucifer turned, Michael was trapped in the cage by the Winchesters, Gabriel was too busy having fun, and Castiel deconstructed Raphael after absorbing power from the souls of Purgatory. With no God, Heaven has been unable to replace its angels, and the situation worsened when Metatron caused a mass angelic fall to Earth in season 8, emptying the Heavenly host in an act of petty vengeance. This series of unfortunate events left Heaven with only a handful of angels, and without angels, there is no Heaven. Without Heaven, there is no Earth, and the battle against Chuck would be pointless.

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It’s not always easy to keep track of the remaining angels in Supernatural. In season 13, Naomi counted 11 angels across Heaven and Earth, although the state of play has changed somewhat since then, and she didn’t count some whose fate was unknown. Supernatural’s current named angels are:

  • Castiel – With the Winchesters.
  • Naomi – Leading Heaven.
  • Michael – On Earth, recently freed from The Cage.
  • Anael – Otherwise known as Sister Jo.
  • Eremiel – Alive as of season 14.
  • Virgil – Trapped in another universe, possibly killed by God.
  • Conrad – Went after Jack in season 13. Was banished by a sigil, but not killed.
  • Lily – Was with Conrad.
  • Indra – Last seen in season 13.
  • Ingrid – Working with Castiel as of season 10.

A number of angels were last seen in Supernatural season 9, after Metatron’s fall, but haven’t been confirmed as dead or alive since. These are: Asariel, Benjamin, Flagstaff, Purah and Neil. Naomi counted 11 angels in season 13 but since then Michael has returned, Zuriel was killed by the Shadow of the Empty, and she didn’t count Virgil. This means at least 3 of the names listed above must’ve died off-screen. Boosting the numbers a little, Jack was forced to make a handful of angels by Duma, converting human souls in a nasty process that was swiftly shut down by Castiel.

The lack of angels in Heaven is a major background threat in Supernatural season 15 but, fortunately, more can be made. Although he was eventually revealed to be lying, Lucifer once suggested that the archangels watched their father create other angels, and could maybe replicate the process. With Michael back from his stint in jail, it’s possible he might be able to do what Lucifer falsely claimed to. Jack is another character who may possess this ability, thanks to his nephilim abilities.

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However, Supernatural season 15 has introduced another potential method by which Heaven could be restored. As part of his apocalyptic writer’s vision, Chuck has started deleting his “failed spin-offs,” meaning all the angels of other universes are soon to perish. The hipster Sam and Dean Winchester have already proved capable of escaping their destruction by moving to the prime world, so it’s certainly possible that angels from other universes could make the same trip. This would serve the dual purpose of saving their own lives, while also propping up Heaven’s dwindling numbers in God’s original world. Furthermore, these angelic refugees would have a grudge to bear against their creator, giving Sam, Dean and Castiel a potential army to command in the upcoming fight.

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