The Falconeer Receives A Free PirateThemed DLC Update

The Falconeer Receives A Free Pirate-Themed DLC Update

This free update to The Falconeer sees you living out the life of a pirate.

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While Marvel fans are preoccupied with another falcon, Tomas Sala’s air combat indie The Falconeer is soaring to new heights with a themed DLC. Atun’s Folly is the new location up for exploration, and its content would go down well with a dram of rum.

The Falconeer glided on to Xbox systems and PC back in November, which released in tandem with Microsoft’s new consoles. The Great Ursee was introduced as this grand, open-world expanse for winged steeds to be mounted and flown in air combat. Publisher Wired Productions drip-fed story trailers and previews to tickle your vertigo in the run-up to its release, but the Atun’s Folly DLC is the latest bout of new content to join the game – after The Hunter released last month.

Your introduction to Atun’s Folly should be prefaced with its zero-balance price tag, which makes its content that much sweeter. The titular location is a pirate settlement that exists on a turtle’s back, and acts as a base for pirate shenanigans. You can visit this hub to gain new missions that will enhance your swashbuckling credibility, which include stealing loot, invading forts, and overpowering trading vessels – everything you’d expect from the pirate life. Of course, you are not the only threat at sea, because the Legendary Aces – Phoenix-riding warriors – roam this expanse too, and battling them will be included in the DLC’s side quest.

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If you are against the pirate code, however, there will be a new story mission beginning at Castellus which leads to an attack on Atun’s Folly. In addition to having this extended fantasy adventure at your fingertips right now, Sala has another expansion planned for this year titled The Edge of the World. This expansion will literally take you to the edge of the map to explore uncharted territory in the game, complete with further side quests and stories.

Our review of The Falconeer highlighted its strengths in stunning visuals and art direction, combined with its acute sound design. Despite feeling that its overall story was rushed with some tedious missions, we look forward to seeing what the pirate life has to offer this promising indie.

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