The Immortal Wonder Woman Claims DCs Greatest Weapons

The Immortal Wonder Woman Claims DC’s Greatest Weapons

Wonder Woman has seen many of her friends perish in DC’s future, but a green piece of jewelry around her neck shows she still holds them with her.

You Are Reading :The Immortal Wonder Woman Claims DCs Greatest Weapons

The Immortal Wonder Woman Claims DCs Greatest Weapons

SPOILER WARNING for Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1!

As Wonder Woman heads into what could be her final battle, she comes outfitted with a powerful weapon: a Green Lantern ring. DC’s Future State event is giving readers a glimpse into the potential futures of some of their favorite characters. While some of these stories take place only a few years from the present, others are set thousands of years in the future. The most distant story in the Future State lineup takes place at the end of time, with Wonder Woman standing as one of Earth’s last heroes.

In the 80 years since her debut, Diana of Themyscira has stood out as one of DC’s most prominent heroes. Her adventures as Wonder Woman have been inspirational for comic fans, as well as other DC heroes. As a member of the Justice League, her compassion for her teammates has shined through and many of her fellow heroes consider her a close friend. This makes her fate in Future State all the sadder, as she carries the memory of her fallen friends with her wherever she goes.

From the very beginning of Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Jen Bartel, it is clear that Wonder Woman is in mourning. In the opening pages, she travels to the Batcave and recovers Batman’s utility belt to wear in his honor. Even before that though, readers can find a Green Lantern ring strung around her neck with a chain. Given the circumstances, it’s safe to assume that this means another of Diana’s allies is gone and that she is trying to keep a piece of them close to her as well. These new additions to Wonder Woman’s wardrobe show that immortality can be devastating, as the Amazon had to watch as her friends eventually passed away.

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One big question raised by Diana’s new jewelry is to whom the ring belonged. After all, Wonder Woman has fought alongside most of Earth’s Green Lanterns at some point, so she has at least some connection to each of them. Two of the most likely candidates are Hal Jordan and John Stewart, who each had lengthy runs as core members of the Justice League. Whatever the case may be, it’s touching to see just how deeply Wonder Woman cares for her teammates.

Having such a powerful weapon with her could prove useful in the coming issue, as Darkseid is attacking Earth once again. Wonder Woman may not have the training of a Green Lantern, but she’s seen many of them in action, and she certainly has her fair share of willpower. Plus, seeing the Amazon rock a power ring is something many DC fans would love to see. Even if she doesn’t end up using it in battle though, it’s still nice to know that the Green Lantern’s power is in good hands. Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 from DC Comics is available now in stores.

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