What Happened To Rex Between Rebels & ROTJ Star Wars Needs To Show It

What Happened To Rex Between Rebels & ROTJ? Star Wars Needs To Show It

Captain Rex fought for the Rebellion throughout the Galactic Civil War, as revealed in Rebels, which should be the premise of a spinoff series.

You Are Reading :What Happened To Rex Between Rebels & ROTJ Star Wars Needs To Show It

What Happened To Rex Between Rebels & ROTJ Star Wars Needs To Show It

The Clone Trooper Captain Rex has been a fan-favorite Star Wars character since his 2008 debut and, given what the epilogue of Star Wars Rebels reveals, he should star in an animated series. Captain Rex, like Ahsoka Tano, first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and had an astoundingly compelling character arc across the seven-season series and Rebels. The Rebels series finale ties up many loose ends, including the whereabouts of Rex throughout the events of the Star Wars original trilogy, making for incredible story potential starring a beloved character.

Captain Rex was the primary Clone Trooper character in The Clone Wars, and he grapples with his life’s purpose and often-overlooked humanity throughout the series. Like all Clone Troopers, Rex was created for war, with training and equipment that rendered him and his brethren some of the finest non-Force sensitive warriors in the galaxy. Despite being designed to be perfect soldiers, Rex and all other clones possessed free will, but this was tragically overridden during Order 66 due to a classified brain implant. Rex fled the fledgling Galactic Empire (thanks to Ahsoka removing his implant) and became a reoccurring supporting character in Rebels, the sequel series to The Clone Wars.

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In Rebels, Rex became one of the earliest members of the Rebel Alliance, with his tactical and combat abilities proving invaluable to the rest of the Rebellion, despite Rex’s accelerated age. Although it’s not visually depicted, dialogue at the end of Rebels reveals that Rex was promoted to Commander and fought at the Battle of Endor, a decisive Rebel victory that saw the destruction of the Second Death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine. In addition to retroactively giving Rex a cameo in Return of the Jedi, this epilogue also reveals that Rex fought as a Rebel throughout the entire Galactic Civil War, giving him years of potential stories set during the events of the original trilogy.

As an elite member of the Rebellion’s military, a Rex spinoff series could follow the aging Clone Officer as he takes on missions too dangerous for ordinary soldiers. Given the revelation that clones can gradually overcome the effects of their implants over time, Rex might also seek out Imperial clones and help them defect to the Rebellion, removing their implants if need be. This could be a perfect opportunity to show the whereabouts of famous Clone Officers like Commander Cody, one of Rex’s closest friends during the Clone Wars.

Commander Rex was a member of Han Solo’s strike team during the Battle of Endor, so a Rex spinoff animated series could explore the potential history between Rex and Solo. Perhaps the two worked together on several missions, earning each other’s respect and leading Han to recruit him for the critical Endor ground mission at the end of the war. Having Rex interact with characters like Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker would also be exciting, especially considering Rex’s service under (and friendship with) Luke’s father.

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Rex underwent significant growth as a character between The Clone Wars and the end of Rebels, and his resonance among fans has only grown since his debut. The humanity of standard Clone Troopers is an extraordinarily compelling aspect of both Star Wars continuities and juxtaposing this with the original trilogy storyline would delight fans. Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano deserve their fan-favorite status, and with Ahsoka starring in an upcoming Star Wars spinoff series, it’s about time that Rex’s story after Star Wars Rebels is told too.

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