Wolverine and SpiderMan Are Literally Blood Brothers

Wolverine and Spider-Man Are Literally Blood Brothers

Wolverine and Spider-Man may have worked together in the New Avengers, but Marvel’s most popular heroes are much closer than fans realize.

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Wolverine and SpiderMan Are Literally Blood Brothers

Wolverine and Spider-Man couldn’t be more different, but they also couldn’t be more connected after a time-travel adventure wound up with the duo becoming literal blood brothers. Peter Parker is the Amazing Spider-Man, known for his sense of humor and his unwavering sense of power and responsibility. Meanwhile, Logan is the Wolverine, the best there is at what he does, but what he does best isn’t very nice.

Despite being completely different people, these two are Marvel’s most popular characters and really good friends, even if they refuse to admit it to anyone but each other. While they’d known each other for years through random team-ups and their time together in the New Avengers, it was Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert’s Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine that cemented the duo as more than just teammates. And all it took was a few years lost in the timestream together.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine finds the duo lost in time after getting involved in a bank robbery gone wrong. They travel through different eras ranging from prehistoric times to a post-apocalyptic future. Along the way, they’re sent into each other’s pasts and learn more than they expected about one another. Wolverine even ends up with the power of the Phoenix. Eventually, it’s revealed that it’s none other than Mojo pulling the streams on their time travels, all for his usual motive of ratings. But when Spider-Man and Wolverine finally confront the malevolent media mogul, they wind up stranded in the Old West for three years along with the teller from the bank that started the whole adventure. One night around the campfire in issue #6 of the series, both Wolverine and Spider-Man regale a local tribe with how they ended up in their time-period, including how Peter managed to talk Wolverine down when he was overwhelmed by the Phoenix and nearly destroyed everything. Logan turns to Peter and says, “There’s a lot I oughta say, Peter but… I just ain’t as good with words as you are, kid.” Logan cuts open his palm before doing the same to Peter’s and clasping his hand, solidifying their bond. Ultimately, they make their way back to the present, arriving right when they left, only without the bank teller remembering their time together.

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While the two heroes have hardly acknowledged these events since then, their blood brother status adds a lot of dimension to duo’s love/hate relationship. When Pete’s body was taken over by Doctor Octopus and at risk of expulsion from the Avengers, it was Logan who defended Peter to their teammates. Even recently, Wolverine revealed that Spider-Man’s hard to trust, but he still answered Pete’s call to the New Avengers for help.

Logan may be a hard-case, but he has as soft a spot for Spider-Man as his fans do. With Wolverine and the other X-Men soon making their way into the MCU, this would certainly be an interesting dynamic to see play out on screen. The Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a penchant for working with older heroes, and a team-up film featuring two of Marvel’s most popular characters would fit right in with the cinematic universe’s next phase.

Whether audiences will get to see this storyline play out in live-action remains to be seen, but this series provides a lot of inspiration for the beloved dynamic between the two fan-favorites. And even if they won’t admit it, it’s clear that Peter and Logan are favorites of each other too, even with the bickering. After all, Spider-Man and Wolverine may butt heads, but that’s just what brothers do.

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