Yellowjackets Why Misty Smashed The Black Box Explained

Yellowjackets: Why Misty Smashed The Black Box Explained

In episode 2 of Showtime’s Yellowjackets, Misty smashes the black box after the plane crash. Why would she do something so destructive?

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Yellowjackets Why Misty Smashed The Black Box Explained

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Yellowjackets episode 2, “F Sharp.”

Showtime’s drama/thriller series Yellowjackets ends the second episode with a shocking twist, here’s the reason why Misty smashes the black box. While the show focuses mainly on Shauna, Taissa, and Natalie, Misty gets a lot more screen time as the series progresses. As the story unfolds audiences are becoming more acquainted with how the crash, and the events succeeding it, affects the girls later on in life. These new bits of information enlighten audiences about the character arcs that are sure to come for the show’s protagonists. Episode 2 leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and also presents new mysteries to follow; such as the strange woman hanging around outside of Sammy’s window.

The first installment of the series follows all of the events leading up to the real-life inspired plane crash and the introduction of a reporter who is poking around in the adult survivors’ lives. The second episode of Yellowjackets picks up directly after the crash. Several of the girls don’t make it and neither does the coach. The most notable part of the wreck is the fact that Misty appears to be wholly in her element. She fearlessly cuts off Ben’s leg with the plane ax after it turns to mincemeat under some fallen debris and dresses the wound. Citing her Red Cross babysitting training as the reason behind her medical prowess, many of the girls remark that they wouldn’t survive without Misty. After cauterizing Ben’s leg, she finds the black box and then smashes it to bits.

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Misty destroys the plane’s black box in Yellowjackets because she has the overwhelming desire to feel needed. Misty’s role on the team is technically the assistant, but she acts sort of as a gopher who is very happy to do whatever anyone needs. At the beginning of the episode, viewers are given a glimpse of her insecurities after some classmates bully her over the phone. The phone call obviously makes her feel undesirable. At the end of “F-Sharp”, she relieves herself and overhears Van and Laura Lee talking about how essential she’s been to everyone’s survival thus far. She comes upon the flight recorder, aka the black box, and rather than continue to prove her usefulness by bringing it to the group she smashes it on a rock and pulls out the wires. Misty’s need to feel essential turns her to destruction and ultimately she’s the one responsible for keeping the team stuck for 19 months.

Misty’s instability is clear from the beginning, even before Yellowjackets reveals her as the first girl to be unmasked in the tribal ritual. Her abundant desire to be wanted also spills over into her adult life. After she grows up she becomes a nurse, she does research on cold cases as a citizen detective, and she shows off her manipulative tactics while on a date with a man who clearly wants to be out of her clutches. Once she reveals to Natalie that she knows where the coach’s son Travis is, Natalie takes off without her. So, what does Misty do? She stalks Natalie to her motel, presumably messes with Nat’s car so that it won’t start, and shows up with two coffees suggesting that they take a road trip. Natalie’s statement that Misty hasn’t changed at all is just too accurate.

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It’s worth noting that Misty’s bird is named Caligula, which seems like an odd name for a bird but given what the Roman Emporer is responsible for it might be an unpleasant insight into her odd psyche. The second installment of Yellowjackets leaves a string of new mysteries to ponder, like the nature of Natalie and Travis’ relationship, the postcards, and the mysterious symbol carved into the tree. There’s no doubt that Misty’s immense hunger to be indispensable will continue to inform her character as time goes on. The only question left is whether or not the surviving team members know that Misty is responsible for their ongoing plight.

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