10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games, Ranked

How does Sword & Shield make curry look so good?!

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10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

Since the first releases of Pokemon, food has been a staple of the series, with the original games featuring vending machine drinks and generic safari zone bait. Every succeeding Pokemon generation has introduced at least one new type of food meant to be eaten by Pokemon, from the berries of the Johto region to the curry of Galar.

But not all the delicious food featured in these games is as notable as others. While other regional foods like rage candy bars, lava cookies, and big malasada are great, they’re largely forgettable and rarely a highlight of the games they’ve been featured in.

10 Sushi

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

While it may not be a staple of the mainline games, the beloved Pokemon Stadium mini-game Sushi-Go-Round would not exist without sushi. In Sushi-Go-Round, several Lickitung controlled by either players or AI try to consume as much sushi as possible before the timer runs out.

If one of the Lickitung eats a piece of spicy sushi, they won’t be able to handle it, and it will cause them to temporarily spin in place and lose time. Sushi may not have been used in any Pokemon game since its appearance in the Pokemon Stadium mini-game but it’s notable just for its memorability alone.

9 Aprijuice

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

Originally, Apricorns were only used to make different Pokeballs in Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions, but in their Nintendo DS remakes, Heartgold and Soulsilver, Apricorns could also be used to make Aprijuice, which temporarily enhanced a Pokemon’s Pokeathlon stats.

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Because Aprijuice was blended by walking or cycling, it could even have a negative effect on Pokeathlon stats if not given to a Pokémon when it’s ready after 100 steps or cycles. Apricorns were already helpful, but giving older items an additional purpose is something more Pokemon games should do.

8 Apples/Fluffruit – Pokemon Snap

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

The original Pokemon Snap introduced apples as a way to attract Pokemon or get their attention so that it would result in better pictures and would sometimes even cause a chain of events where Pokemon would fight each other or evolve due to various elements in their environment.

In New Pokemon Snap, Apples were replaced with Fluffruit, apple-like fruits native to the Lental region that are much softer than their inspirations and won’t hurt Pokemon when thrown at them. Despite this, Fluffruit can still cause a variety of exciting things when thrown in the right spot with the correct timing.

7 Pokeblocks

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

Pokeblocks were introduced in Ruby and Sapphire versions and were made from mixing berries that players could pick off of trees throughout the region. Each berry could enhance different flavors, which included Spicy, Sweet, Sour, Dry, and Bitter, all of which corresponded to different conditions: Coolness, Cuteness, Cleverness, Toughness, and Beauty.

Being fed enough Pokeblocks with the right flavor could boost a Pokemon’s condition enough to help win contests of that category, and maxing out Feebas’s Beauty condition was originally the only way it could evolve into Milotic. In the fourth-generation games, Poffins replace Pokeblocks but work the same way.

6 Poke Puffs

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

In X and Y versions, Pokemon-Amie was a mini-game where players could pet, play with, and feed their Pokemon to raise their affection level. What players fed their Pokemon were delectable pastries called Poke Puffs, which could be obtained by either playing games with a Pokemon or given by visiting Pokemon.

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Poke Puffs came in five different flavors Mocha, Spice, Citrus, Mint, and Sweet, but those flavors did not affect affection. Instead, how much affection was gained was based on the level of the Poke Puff consumed, Basic, Frosted. Fancy, Deluxe, or Supreme. Raising affection was also the original evolution method for Sylveon.

5 Pokebeans

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

While Poke Beans aren’t as appealing as Poke Puffs, they have another use besides raising a Pokemon’s affection level. Poke Beans come in different colors of the rainbow, but their color is the only difference. There are also rare varieties of beans, such as the patterned and rainbow variations, which increase affection more than plain beans.

Poke Beans can also be fed to Pokemon developing the Poke Pelago as payment for their work. If a player has fed enough Poke Beans to all their Pokemon, they will even be given Rare Candies by the owner of the Pokemon Center cafe.

4 Honey

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

Honey was the first type of food used to attract Pokemon in the main series games. Starting in Diamond and Pearl version, the player could slather Honey they’ve obtained on nearby honey trees to attract wild Pokemon. Players could also use Honey when standing in tall grass as an alternative to having one of their Pokemon use Sweet Scent.

In X and Y versions, using Honey while in tall grass could also attract hordes as long as they were available in the area and the weather was clear. Honey can now also be used as bait in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

3 Cakes

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

The newest types of food used in the main series games are the cakes from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a long-needed evolution of the Safari Zone bait, and the Poke Snacks from Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness. These cakes can be used to attract Pokemon closer and make them easier to catch, with different types of Pokemon preferring Cakes made with different ingredients.

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Cakes can either be bought at the shop or crafted by mixing cake-lure bases with materials found throughout the world, so there’s always an easy way to obtain them whether the player is in Jubilife Village or out in the field.

2 Curry

10 Best Pokemon Food In The Games Ranked

Despite all the complaints about the eighth-generation Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, something not usually complained about was Curry, the new type of food available in the game. Curry is made by mixing berries with one of 25 key ingredients.

Depending on what it’s made with and how well it’s made, Curry can have one of five different taste ratings: Koffing Class, Wobbuffet Class, Milcery Class, Copperajah Class, and Charizard Class, which can all reward experience, heal Pokemon, increase sociability, and even make a wild Pokemon appear. Each Curry also has their own delicious-looking appearance, rather than repeating the same few.

1 Berries

Of course, since the second-generation Pokemon games are the best ones, it’s no surprise that they introduced the best food in the series. At the time, berries just seemed like a cool new feature that could help Pokemon heal themselves without using up a turn or an item, but their effects have expanded significantly since their introduction.

During the Masters’ Division of the 2014 Pokemon Video Game World Championship, a Pachirisu holding a Sitrus Berry helped clear the path to victory for its trainer, once again showing how important these fruits are. Pokeblocks, Poffin, and Curry also wouldn’t exist if not for berries.

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