10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

True crime has skyrocketed in popularity and has become a favorite genre for a lot. Let’s look at some of the best docuseries according to IMDb.

You Are Reading :10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

True crime has become a hugely popular genre in the world of movies, TV shows, and podcasts in recent years. There are so many different documentaries and series that follow either a single intriguing case or a variety of different ones and people that love to theorize on what could’ve happened love to watch them and search for all the clues.

Along with documentaries, there are also docuseries that can either take a more in-depth look into a single case across a number of episodes or follow a different case with each episode, giving viewers a look at a whole variety of different mysteries or interesting cases. With so many of them available these days, it can be tough to decide what ones are worth watching and what ones can totally just be skipped. From new true-crime series that have gotten massively popular since they were released to older series that have been popular for quite a while, true crime fans are unlikely to run out of things to watch.

To see 10 of the best crime docuseries, ranked according to IMDb, keep reading!

10 The Disappearance Of Madeleine McCann (6.7)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a documentary series that premiered on Netflix in 2019. Over the course of this series’ eight episodes, it explores the infamous disappearance of this young girl, the media storm that followed, and the impact that the entire event had on her family from beginning to end.

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After this toddler disappeared in Portugal, this case became really well-known all throughout the world and even now, well over a decade later, her disappearance remains unsolved.

9 I Am A Killer (7.5)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

I Am a Killer premiered on Netflix in 2018 and is a series that doesn’t follow a single crime, criminal, or victim. Instead, this series takes a harrowing look at a variety of different convicted inmates who all sit on death row for taking the life of another person.

Each episode features an interview with a different killer in which they detail their crime and talk about the things that they did. This series is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it has had true crime fans talking ever since its release and is definitely an interesting look into a side of the genre that isn’t often examined.

8 Cold Justice (7.9)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

Cold Justice is an unscripted series that follows a pair of veteran investigators as they re-open old, unsolved murder cases in order to take a fresh look at them and try to see if they can uncover anything that law enforcement originally missed.

This series began airing in 2013 and was created by Dick Wolf, the same mind behind Law & Order. This series is one that has helped to solve multiple crimes that had previously gone cold and gives new eyes to cases that many people had likely never heard of before.

7 The Staircase (7.9)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

The Staircase follows novelist Michael Peterson whose wife died after falling down the stairs of their home. After the medical examiner determined that her cause of death was actually blunt force trauma to the head and not an accidental fall, all eyes were on Peterson.

This series was originally released in 2005, but new episodes were produced in 2015 and again in 2018 that added more information to the case and gave viewers yet another look at this intriguing story.

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6 Dirty Money (8.1)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

Dirty Money is a Netflix original series that began airing on the streaming service in 2018. This series is unlike other crime docuseries because it doesn’t focus on murder and disappearances, but rather has a heavy emphasis on money-based crimes.

From corruption to greed and fraud, this series follows a whole variety of different money-based crimes that people have committed. For people who are tired of series about missing people and whose skin crawls at just the mention of a murder, this series is a crime show to check out.

5 Real Detective (8.2)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

True Detective has become super popular for fans of scripted crime series, so it’s no surprise that it also inspired a docuseries about a real detective. Real Detective is a series that blends actual crimes with scripted scenes that add drama and reenactments to the crimes that these detectives are talking about investigating.

This series began airing in 2016 and each hour-long episode follows a different crime and the detectives that worked to solve it. This series is part documentary and part scripted series, but it’s all-around interesting and perfect for true crime fans.

4 Unsolved Mysteries (8.3)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

Despite having aired its final episode in 2010, Unsolved Mysteries remains a super popular true-crime series and many fans of the show still go back to watch the original Robert Stack episodes that aired through the 80s and 90s.

Each episode of this series follows a different crime, oddity, or other mystery that has yet to be solved. Occasionally, episodes will feature an update on a crime or event that was featured in a previous episode. Mysteries shown in the series include missing people, families that have been split up, and even the paranormal.

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3 Making A Murderer (8.6)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

Making a Murderer was released in 2015 on Netflix and follows the bizarre case of Steven Avery. Avery spent years in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit but was eventually exonerated and released. But, that’s not where Avery’s problems end.

Not long after, Avery was accused of the murder of a local photographer who was last seen alive near his house. Back in prison once more, this series follows the entire case from Avery’s past and reputation in the town to the questioning and trial that landed him back behind bars once more.

2 Air Emergency (8.8)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

Though flying is safe, airplanes still make a lot of people nervous. And for good reason, when something does go wrong on a flight, it tends to be pretty catastrophic for everyone involved.

Air Emergency is a series that began airing in 2003 and follows some of the worst disasters that have occurred on flights from around the world. This docuseries follows crashes, hijackings, and everything else that can go wrong aboard an airplane with transcripts and other evidence that shows exactly what happened.

1 Forensic Files (8.8)

10 Of The Best Crime Docuseries (According To IMDb)

Forensic Files is a true-crime series that began airing in 1996 and aired its final episode in 2010. Luckily for fans of this longtime series, the continuation, Forensic Files II, began airing in 2020, so fans will never have go to without this true-crime show.

This series follows a group of experts in the law enforcement and forensics world as they go through every detail of a crime in order to figure out who did it and exactly what happened to the victim. Along with showing the evidence, this series often features different theories and recreations of possible events but delves into exactly why that couldn’t have been what happened, using crime scene evidence.

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