14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon, Ranked

There many various powerful force-users in Star Wars, whether they be Jedi, Sith, or something else. These are the most overpowered of them all.

You Are Reading :14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Even with 40-plus years of content across two different timelines and a variety of different eras, the Force is still an aspect of Star Wars that is far from being fully comprehensible for fans, constantly being explored yet creating more and more questions. Fans’ best insight into the phenomenon is through the characters in touch with it, particularly those who have incredible knowledge and power.

There are a handful of Force users whose power is either so immense, or it is a mixture of great and unique as it pertains to the Star Wars canon that they can only get described as overpowered characters.

Updated November 21 by Rhys McGinley: For many fans, the characters in Star Wars who are the most interesting and popular are Force users. The Jedi, the Sith, and those who do not fall under either category give way to not only some of the most visually and narratively stunning moments in the franchise but some unreal moments of power. From Darth Vader handily lifting an AT-ST above his head with a hand to Darth Sidious returning from the dead, some characters have incomprehensible power, showing themselves to be overpowered and the strongest Force users in the franchise.

14 Mace Windu

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

The second most powerful Jedi in the Jedi High Council of the prequels, and one of the finest lightsaber duelists ever, Mace Windu is a great, albeit unlikeable Jedi, who is not hugely overpowered, but whose power is unqiue.

That is mainly down to his Vaapad lightsaber style, in which he harnesses power from the light and dark, a lightsaber style he created nonetheless. On top of that, he nearly defeated Darth Sidious in battle, a hugely debated topic in the fandom, holding his own and only beaten because of Anakin.

13 Supreme Leader Snoke

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

There have been few characters in the history of Star Wars that have been the source of as much speculation as Supreme Leader Snoke, who, rather disappointingly to many, was revealed to be an artificial creation of Palpatine.

However, despite being this artificial creation, Snoke was a sentient being who could think independently and was incredibly strong with the Force. He was not as powerful as the likes of Yoda or Luke, but he was able to hold much power and wield the Force in such a powerful way that he could toss around the likes of Rey and Kylo.

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12 Darth Vader

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Arguably more than any other character, fans get to see how overpowered Darth Vader is more than anyone else in terms of the number of times he drops the jaws of fans.

Considering his reduced midi-chlorian count, cybernetics, and the constant physical and mental pain he is in, it is amazing that Vader managed to harness such power and immense strength. Vader is shown to be a brute force not only in the films, but in the TV shows, comics, and novels too, where he truly proves himself as not only one of the best characters in Star Wars but one of the most overpowered.

11 Luke Skywalker

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

The main protagonist of the original trilogy, and a divisive aspect of the sequels, Luke Skywalker, is one of the most overpowered and influential characters in the canon.

Though he is not as OP as his Legends counterpart in canon, his knowledge and understanding of the Force, his Force projection on Crait, and his interactions with the physical world as a Force Spirit reflect his remarkable abilities. Only a few Force users, if any, have been capable of such feats in the canon so far.

10 Yoda

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Yoda is a powerful Force user who can interact and manipulate the physical plane as a Force spirit despite being outside of that realm. He is a figure shrouded in mystery but unbelievably powerful.

Yoda lived for 900 years, and audiences saw hardly any of it, but what they did see was a wise, immensely knowledgeable, and in-tune with the Force being who was widely known as the most powerful Jedi by those around him. The way he’s come to characters like Ezra and Ahsoka in visions to impart fantastic quotes of wisdom, his manipulation of physical weather as a Force spirit, and his general level of mystery and power class him as one of the most OP characters in the canon.

9 Rey

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Rey has gotten a lot of unfair criticism from a subsection of the Star Wars fandom, deemed a Mary Sue despite her achievements in relation to her power, training, and time not being that different from Luke’s in the original trilogy.

However, there is no doubt Rey does have a great base level of power and has some OP moments throughout the trilogy, which is not a bad thing. Her use of the limited powers she learns as well as her learning rare powers like Force healing and summoning the strength of Jedi past make for fantastic moments of power from the inspirational hero.

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8 Anakin Skywalker

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Anakin Skywalker is the character on whose shoulders the entire Skywalker saga rests. His rise, fall, and redemption are right at the heart of the story and the events of the Galaxy.

With an abnormally high midi-chlorian count, an immense level of Force ability even as Vader, and power that shocked pretty much all of the Jedi, there is no doubt that Anakin is not only one of the most powerful Jedi in canon, but one of the most overpowered Force users. That includes his time as Vader when he wielded such power that has not yet been done justice on-screen, but the comics especially have shown as incredible. But, despite being the chosen one, despite being able to tame the children of the Father, Anakin never fulfilled his full potential, which does hold him back in terms of being the most powerful Force user.

7 The Rey Skywalker/Ben Solo Dyad

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

As a dyad, Rey and Ben are not only one of the sequel trilogy’s best duos but overpowered in a totally different way than anyone else.

The two had such a fascinating connection, and their chemistry is so natural and brilliant, helping make their dynamic one of the best of the trilogy. With their Force dyad, the two had a connection spread throughout space and time, able to communicate across lightyears and allowing them to utilize abilities such as Force healing to the point that Ben could resurrect Rey.

6 Darth Sidious

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Of course, Snoke’s creator is another example of an immensely overpowered being, one of the most powerful Force user characters and scariest Star Wars villains who resides solely in the physical plane.

Pre-Rise Of Skywalker, Darth Sidious would likely still be considered overpowered. But his survival of Vader’s destruction of his body and the way he absorbs the life Force of Rey and Ben displays a truly awe-inspiring level of power. Then there is, of course, the way he amasses an army in secret on Exegol, which comes close to his initial master plan, the Clone Wars.

5 Bendu

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

The Bendu, the one in the middle, is such a hard being to place as there is such little information known about the being, such as what his true relationship to the Force and to the spiritual and physical realms are.

There is no doubt he is one of Star Wars’ strongest Force users, though. The Bendu appears to be able to see the future in some capacity, has the ability to disappear on command, and even unleashes a storm from nothing at one point. He represents the middle, the center of the Force, refusing to take sides in conflicts, and is a sage, skilled teacher.

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4 The Son

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

The Ones from the excellent Mortis arc are some of the most fascinating and most powerful Force users in Star Wars, but fans are still far from fully comprehending the ethereal realm of Mortis and its three residents.

The Son is one of the three residents of the incredible planet and embodies the dark side of the Force. The Son could infect people with the dark side and has immense powers. The unique relationship the Ones have with the Force and the range of abilities they wield are so interesting as well as overpowered.

3 The Daughter

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

Like her brother, the Daughter has an array of Force powers from telekinesis to alternating their physical form to standard Force powers used to an incredibly powerful degree, like Force lightning and its subsequent absorption.

The pair keep each other in balance. When the Daughter died, darkness began to consume Mortis until he got killed, showing just how volatile each of the pair’s power is. What is more fascinating about the Daughter, and perhaps indicative further of her power, is her connection to the Convor Morai, about whom fans have a multitude of questions.

2 The Force Priestesses

14 Of The Most Overpowered Force Users In Star Wars Canon Ranked

One of the most crucial steps in Yoda’s life came when he began to learn about the power of life after death, a journey that led him to trials given to him by the Force Priestesses.

Rather than wielding the Force with abilities like everyone else does, the Force Priestesses represent the connection between the Living Force and the Cosmic Force. They are five beings residing on the Wellspring of Life (the home of midi-chlorians) and are shape-shifting beings, manifesting as embodiments of Serenity, Confusion, Joy, Sadness, and Anger. Overall, they are shrouded in mystery, with many questions surrounding them and their power. Still, they are incredibly attuned to both the Living and Cosmic Force and know the secret of transforming into a Force Spirit.

1 The Father

The Father is the patriarch of the family who resides on Mortis and is one of the most powerful Force users fans have encountered in the Star Wars canon thus far.

He has lived for eons, and with Mortis acting as a conduit for the Force, he has watched over the balance of the Force across the universe, intervening when he saw fit, such a when he brought Anakin to Mortis. Until Anakin came along, he was the only one who could tame his children, being the ultimate representation of balance in the Force. His powers are beyond the comprehension of most Jedi and Sith, making him arguably the most powerful Force user in Star Wars.

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