‘Stony’ Fan Art Imagines Captain America & Iron Man in the Star Wars Universe (& 9 Other Pieces Of Alternate Universe Ship Art)

‘Stony’ Fan Art Imagines Captain America & Iron Man in the Star Wars Universe (& 9 Other Pieces Of Alternate Universe Ship Art)

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are a fan-favorite ship from the MCU. Here is some fanart that imagines them in the worlds of Harry Potter, GOT, and more.

You Are Reading :‘Stony’ Fan Art Imagines Captain America & Iron Man in the Star Wars Universe (& 9 Other Pieces Of Alternate Universe Ship Art)

Feature image artowork done by dchanberry and j000000.

While Tony Stark and Steve Rogers might not be a canon couple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are one of the most popular fan pairings in the fandom. Many fans love their passionate dynamic and find they have great chemistry together. And, while fans like to create art and fiction centered around this couple in the MCU, they also enjoy imagining Steve and Tony together in different universes.

Some of these AUs are based on other popular series such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, while others are more similar to our own world such as coffee shop AUS. In this list, we look at some fanart of the Stony ship across alternative universes fans can’t get enough of.

10 Star-crossed Lovers

little Romeo+Juliet but stevetony pic.twitter.com/BJBuVItIL5

This soft and romantic fan art places Captain America and Iron Man in the world of Romeo + Juliet from the 1996 movie. Steve is shown in Juliet’s iconic angelic costume while Tony is wearing a suit of armor.

This whimsical piece shows a closeness between these two lovers, and it calls to mind star-crossed, enemies-to-lovers story. Given that rivals to lovers is a big theme in many Steve/Tony works, it works well in this art.

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9 Under the Sea Meets College AU

For you @betheflame1 🥰The Merman Stony / College AU drawing is finally finished UwU/ Poor Steve, it’s so hard to study when Tony is like that ❤️💖🌹It’s impossible to resist him ❤️🌷 Folks, don’t repost this fanart elsewhere without my authorization ! pic.twitter.com/qxcyTd8jhR

One popular AU across many fandoms, including in the MCU, is of mermaids or mermen. But, in this art, there is a combination of another AU as well. Steve and Tony are in college, but Steve just happens to be a merman.

In this adorable art, Tony is trying to distract Steve with a kiss while Steve is just trying to get some homework done. But, of course, he’s unable to resist his boyfriend. If only we could see some of this LGBTQ+ representation in the MCU soon.

8 Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw

There are many different pieces of fan art out there that feature characters from the MCU in the world of Harry Potter. Hogwarts AUs are very popular in most fandoms, and the MCU is no different.

In this particular artwork, Steve is in Gryffindor and Tony is in Ravenclaw, and they are both Quidditch players. While some people like to imagine Tony in Slytherin, his pursuit of knowledge and genius-level brain makes him a great choice as a Ravenclaw, too.

7 You know nothing, Tony Stark

This AU is a great crossover because of the name Stark. Here, Tony is a member of House Stark who looks rather similar to Jon Snow. Steve is represented here as a member of the Kingsguard. While Game of Thrones might not be as popular of an AU as some other franchises, it does work perfectly for these, too.

Seeing as how Steve is the perfect archetype of a warrior and protector with a shield, it’s fun to imagine how these two would interact and exist in the much more cutthroat world of Game of Thrones. Tony might seem more of a Lannister than a Stark, but the wordplay is appealing.

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6 Red Meets Blue

#Stevetony #Stony #StevenUniverseAU #doodle I saw @cherryteddy211 artwork of Stony in this AU on Tumblr, and I really love it 💕✨💦 So I draw fan art of your design, hope you don’t mind 😭💦 pic.twitter.com/8d2ntO45r7

Fan artists are often super creative when it comes to imagining their favorite characters in new situations, and this Steven Universe AU is a great example of this. B

oth characters are nearly one color and represent different gemstones. Steve appears to be a garnet while Tony is a sapphire. The various doodles show these two holding each other close, and they look very tender and soft together in a lovely way.

5 Classic Coffee Shop AU

For @Perlmutt_Pearl who wanted a coffee shop au! Here’s CEO of Stark Industries, Tony Stark holding up the line by flirting with the big blond barista, Steve Rogers! Happy holidays, hope you enjoy this :’))! #stevetonysecretsanta #stevetonyxmas #stevetony #stony #marvel pic.twitter.com/fNE7zpmIdD

In fan fiction and in fan art, coffee shop AUs are extremely popular. These AUs are so appealing because they allow fans to explore fluff and romance in a world where things usually work out well in the end.

While some AUs are more about drama and angst, the coffee shop story is usually about happiness and sweetness. In these adorable fan works, Steve is working at a coffee shop and Tony is a customer who can’t help but flirt. It definitely captures the dynamic between these two in a rather meme-worthy way.

4 An AU of an AU

AvAc stony that I made for a friend ✨✨💕🥺 pic.twitter.com/sRO4tXeGT2

For fans of shipping, the game that was once available on mobile phones called Avengers Academy was a big hit. This game featured the characters attending a college/academy for superheroes, and the characters were much younger and happier than their MCU counterparts. There was also a lot of flirting even amongst same-sex characters.

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This fan art features Steve and Tony as they appeared in the Avengers Academy game, often referred to by fans as AVAC, while they are on a date. Many fans are still upset that the game was shut down.

3 A Mythic Love Story

✨🌿🤍 (you used to be alive, now you’re almost mythic) 🤍🌿✨ pic.twitter.com/Kq1HkqLqR4

This stunning art features Steve and Tony as characters out of some sort of mythology. Steve seems to be sporting large, white wings, and both characters are wearing togas.

It’s a lovely piece that situates these two in their own kind of mythic love story, and the classic art themes contrast well with the soft scene of Tony sleeping against Steve’s shoulder.

2 Jedi Avengers

There are many people who love both Star Wars and the MCU, so it’s no surprise that mash-ups of these two franchises against a lot of fan works. In this fun art, Tony is a pilot who looks to be wearing the same outfit as Poe Dameron while Steve is a Jedi wearing an outfit similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s.

The two appear to be flirting, and it’s an imaginative look at what each character would be like if they existed in the Star Wars universe.

1 A Modern Met Gala AU

Steve and Tony at the Met Gala: Saints & Sinners for my MTH winner @betheflame1 You can read the fic, A Common Guttersnipe here: https://t.co/rAvBhoCC5B pic.twitter.com/Ue4wdGuLL8

This artwork explores a much more modern and realistic possibility for these two characters. It takes place more in our own world and imagines Steve and Tony attending the Met Gala together in beautiful, elaborate outfits.

The artist also has many other works that feature this couple, including an entire alternate universe where they are both covered in gorgeous tattoos. This high-quality art is beautiful, and the attention to detail makes it exciting to look at.

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