20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say “Same”

Everyone can agree that The Sims is the most relatable game ever, so we’re taking a look at the most meme-able Sims moments online…

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20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Everyone’s favorite quirky life simulation game The Sims celebrated its 18th birthday this past month, and it’s something of a marvel that the series is still goings strong. Sure, there are tons of franchises that have reached and even surpassed the two decade mark, but it’s nice to see a series as silly and off-beat as The Sims garner mainstream attention.

The original game, which came out all the way back in 2000, was a PC dynamo that helped to ensure the future success of Maxis Games and Electronic Arts. Well, today, that’s sort of funny to think about: Maxis has been shut down, and EA is one of the most disliked companies in the video game business.

With that in mind, I suppose it isn’t surprising that this beloved group of simulation games has taken a bit of a dive in terms of quality. The bones of a great game are still present, but so much of the content has now been gated behind paywalls that the base game feels like a small yet pricey chunk of the whole experience.

The Sims definitely deserves a place in video game history, though. I don’t care who you are, you’ve probably played it at some point—like, I’m pretty sure my 86 year old grandmother has played The Sims. Whether you’re playing to live vicariously through your virtual people, or you’re jumping on to laugh at the bizarre behavior of these human caricatures, EA’s got something for everyone, and here’s 20 memes about The Sims that’ll make you say “honestly, same.”

20 Walk It Off

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Here’s a pretty relatable one: we all know that keeping up with our dietary and exercise goals can be difficult, and it’s even harder when you spend most of your free time playing The Sims. Hey, I’m not judging you, I do it, as well. This Sim, though, seems to have the right idea.

If you take the time to put in some work on the treadmill, why not reward yourself a little?

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but cake can be a great motivator. Plus, if they accidentally put that plate down, they may not be able to find their way off of the treadmill. So, no cake, and a perpetual workout—no, thanks! Also, that bed is dangerously close to that treadmill, so I’d probably just end up taking a nap instead of working out.

19 My Sims Live Better Lives Than I Do

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

I don’t want to get to grim all of the sudden, but, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, things have been a bit slow to recover. And, while less and less people are facing employment issues, plenty of millennials are having trouble finding long-term, high-paying employment. Plus, very few people in that age range are buying houses, as most have chosen to rent.

Maxis’ hit series, however, lets you live out your home ownership fantasies!

Crazy, I know, but how else am I going to afford a five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion with a pool on the roof and in the basement? Just punch in the “rosebud” cheat code a few times, and you’re good to go. Man, I seriously wish that worked in real life.

18 That’s Not Supposed To Happen…

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Have you ever been super hungry, but you’re too lazy to move your arms? I’ve lost count of how many times that has happened to me in the past, and not just in The Sims. Anyway, this meme reminds us to think outside the box: instead of bringing the spoon to your face, bring your face to the spoon! No arm movement required!

The Sims is actually pretty infamous for glitches like these, and they range from the hilarious to the absolutely hideous—anyone who remembers famous glitches can agree they’re perfect for relatable memes.

In terms of laziness, though, she really knows how to take care of business. I’m not saying that being this inactive is a good thing, but I aspire to one day become so good at being lazy that I can gravitate my face toward something to avoid overworking my limbs.

17 Rosemary’s Baby

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Remember that glitch I was talking about? Well, bear in mind that this is actually a pretty mundane example of that. I’ll have to assume that this kid is actually the daughter of the woman from the previous entry, as she’s obviously already gotten pretty good at laziness. Instead of actually getting out of bed, she’s trying to snake her head out to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

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The struggle is real, though; I’m always much to lazy to get out of bed if I’m hungry, I usually just deal with it until sunrise. I earnestly want to learn these elastic abilities so this stops being such a problem. This is also proof that the characters in The Sims are pretty good at imitating human behavior, because we would all do this if we could.

16 It’s A Trap!

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

This is probably the most classic move in the history of The Sims—build a pool for your family, have them all take a dip, and then remove all of the ladders. Since Sims don’t know how to just climb out of a pool like a normal human being, they’re pretty much condemned to a suburban watery end.

Everyone relates to the slight changes that can happen when you play too much The Sims. Suddenly, you make strange decisions.

This is an infamous gag in the original game, and it’s a fate that tends to befall most unruly Sims. I’m not advocating this, by the way, I usually like to see my Sims hang in there long enough to bring the house down as they try in vain to make pasta. On second thought, I guess stuff like this is kind of inevitable. I don’t even know what happens if you keep your sim around long enough. Do they retire to the virtual old-folks home?

15 WooHoo!

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Here’s a feature that I believe was introduced in The Sims 3. Now, I’m something of a Sims purist, so i’m not overly familiar with the third and fourth entries in the series. However, I get the gist of this feature. In the older games, Sims can’t conceive a child naturally.

Instead, you sometimes get a phone call asking if you would like a child, and then a baby carriage appears in your house. I think that’s how my parents told me it happens when I was five years old.

Is it the result of some kind of infection, or was it an overabundance of physical exertion? Either way, it would definitely make for a pretty cool epitaph. Again, I’m not sure this is a goal I would want my Sims to be pursuing, but, hey, it’s a game, and you can have your e-humans do whatever you want them to.

14 Sim-lish Is Hilarious, Right?

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

If you’ve spent more than thirty seconds playing The Sims, then you’re well aware that these virtual characters don’t speak english—they speak a made-up language known as Sim-lish. I find that, whenever fake languages are used in games or movies, it’s kind of cringey.

Just think of child Anakin speaking Hutt-ese in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

But Sim-lish is far from awful, it’s honestly pretty funny. Everyone in the game babbles complete nonsense all the time, and the only way to get a hint at what they’re saying is via the thought bubbles that appear over their heads. I always end up in a laughing fit, though, whenever I want a sim to communicate with someone and they walk over and yell “GLARCH!!”

13 As Good As It Gets

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

We’re kind of a rare breed, those of us that take the game seriously. Sure, a lot of Sims players begin their games with honest intentions—meet someone, start a family, work your way up the company ladder. Yet, somewhere along the line, we get sidetracked, or something so hilarious or preposterous happens that the whole experience devolves into a bizarre trip into the upside-down.

A few brave souls, however, remain determined to take things seriously. And, once things seem perfect, they bask in their virtual successes. Is it healthy to live vicariously through a sim? Probably not, but fame and fortune aren’t nearly as easy to attain in the real world. At the very least, when things go quite wrong in The Sims, we can sit back and laugh.

12 Game Sold Separately

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Like I mentioned in the introduction, The Sims has had a serious problem lately when it comes to shifting units. Buying a full game these days basically translates to buying an empty bun, and then buying the actual making of the sandwich separately.

Any burger joint caught doing this would quickly lose patronage, and it’s kind of sad that Electronic Arts has gotten away with this for so long.

This meme is honestly a little cathartic, and I hope that some EA bigwig somewhere see this and feel just a little guilty. Like previous classic titles before it, The Sims has pretty much been driven into the ground, and the announcement of another game in the franchise would be met with more skepticism than optimism.

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It’s a bummer for sure, but that’s the world in which we’re living.

11 Fight Fire With Fire

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

I think we all know the pain of forcing a Sim to cook their own meal—if they haven’t levelled their cooking abilities up at all, you might as well just delete your save, because they’re going to bring the place down. Seriously, you’d think an AI might be confident enough in themselves to turn on an oven, but, no, that’s much too dangerous.

My Sims almost always order pizza or eat cereal and cold food, because anything else is a total gamble.

That said, they’re also woefully inadequate when it comes to putting out fires. Sure, it’s an intimidating prospect, but quelling stovetop flames often ends with a visit from the Grim Reaper. Even the firefighters in this game are afraid to perform their duties, and, given that plenty of my virtual family members have met their fiery fates, I don’t really blame them.

10 Pools? Preposterous!

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

Hardcore fans of The Sims probably remember when the fourth instalment was released, and pools weren’t even included in the game. In a title already accused of being segmented beyond belief, the absence of such a basic aspect of the game was pretty hard to swallow.

What’s worse, the game’s publisher initially stated that pools wouldn’t be coming to the game because they were harder to implement than the public might think. That didn’t turn out to be true, though, and, much like their assertions that cosmetics in Star Wars Battlefront II would ruin the game, these features eventually made their way into the package.

A small compensation for this debacle was that players could finally build pools on the roofs of their houses, which was honestly pretty awesome. I only wish we didn’t have to wait for this feature to be included in the game.

9 Everyone Gets Hungry

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

This is one of my favorite memes based on The Sims of all time. Sure, it’s more of a Tumblr post than an out-and-out meme, but that hardly matters these days. What does matter, however, is that the grim reaper is walking away with the entire plate of smoked salmon. How rude!

I think the real question we should be asking, however, is what exactly this cloaked figure was doing at a kid’s pool party.

I mean, we can make some pretty unfortunate assumptions, but I choose to believe that was actually there because he was invited, and he’s just a thing for smoked fish. Maybe this is actually some weird episode of Cartoon Network’s The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen in that show, to be honest.

8 Making Friends

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

My fellow introverts out there will doubtlessly know the struggle of making friends or talking to people with which we aren’t too familiar. It can be difficult and uncomfortable, and most of the time we wish getting to know people in real life worked like it does in The Sims.

If you don’t know someone, or you’ve fallen out of favor with one of your buddies, crack a few jokes.

Or, better yet, tell the same exact joke a few times, and you’ll probably win them back. Comedy doesn’t tend to get better with repetition, but, in this case, it does. This chicken joke will never not be funny. In fact, it’s been a comedy staple for an eternity in the world of The Sims. So, not only is their language pretty weird, but their sense of humor is also pretty bad.

7 Date Night!

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

So, we know that social interactions are often pretty quirky in The Sims. Yeah, things can get awkward in real life, but have you ever been in a situation as awkward as going on a date and not sitting at the same table? This is up there with dating in Grand Theft Auto: the actual circumstances of the date don’t really matter, it’s the fact that you went out together at all.

Plus, in Maxis’ hit game, you don’t even have to worry about turning the car into a burning wreckage. You do, however, really have to worry about making it to work the next day, as it’s often much harder to get a date when you’re unemployed.

So, the next time you come home from a romantic interaction that didn’t really go as planned, just think how much worse it may have gone if you lived in The Sims.

6 Overly-Emotional

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

One of the most important aspects when it comes to picking the characteristics for your Sim pals is deciding upon a relatable or functional set of traits. If you’re the kind of person who takes the game seriously or wants the person on the screen the accurately reflect it’s creator, then picking some attributes that are relevant to your disposition is necessary.

For instance, most of my Sims do nothing but hang out on the computer all day, so I know I chose well.

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Here’s a great example of how not to make a Sim. Or, alternatively, how to make a Sim who will be hilarious to watch. Few things in this game are funnier than crafting your Sim into a complete problem and allowing them to live their lives on their own. It’s sort of like watching a fish tank.

5 A Day At The Spa

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

I remember when I first got my hands on the vacation expansion for The Sims 2. You could go on a skiing trip, stay at the beach, and tons of other stuff can’t think of right now. The novelty, of course, was just being able to see your family outside of the house, a feature which was strikingly absent from the initial instalment.

From what I remember, though, luxury of that sort was kind of expensive, so I often had to sell some of my house’s windows to make the trip more affordable.

This looks pretty painful, though, and I’m not sure that I’d be to keen on letting my Sims head for the spa. This looks like it might be in the third or fourth game, though, so I’ll probably never have to worry about it unless I shell out something like $129 for the full Sims experience.

4 Habadu Bashubi, Everybody!

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

I don’t speak Sim-lish, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the correct translation. What do I know, though, that language is just so silly that “habadu bashubi” might also mean “I couldn’t make it to work today because somebody left a dirty dish in my home’s entryway.”

Remarkably elegant language, Sim-lish. While hilarious, the pathfinding abilities of the AI in The Sims are really, really bad. This is particularly annoying when designing a house on a tight budget. I’d really like to make a 4×4 bathroom, but, if I do that, my Sim won’t be able to use the sink and the toilet together. If you’re too claustrophobic with your furnishing, your Sim will probably spend a lot of time outside for the simple fact that it’s much easier to move around out there.

3 Scouring For Memes

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

I’m 99% sure that this has been photoshopped into an “incepted” meme, but 1% of me really want to believe that you can make your Sims waste hours of their lives Snapchatting weird memes to their friends… if they’ve made any friends yet. If they haven’t, just invite someone over and tell a few jokes. Worse, I often have a problem with getting my guests to leave my house.

I’ve literally had random people hanging out in my house for days on end running up my cable and utility bills.

Perhaps I’m just that good of a host, but it makes sitting on the computer looking at memes much more difficult. I don’t want to be rude, but I’d also rather spend my time meme-hunting.

Please go away, new neighbor, you have your own house, and I’m very busy.

2 Wasting My Life

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

We’ve all been told by our parents that playing too many video games will mess up our brains or turn us into criminals or whatever. I’ve played tons of games, and I’ve turned out… well, mostly alright. Don’t let that deter you from playing The Sims, though! It’s not a video game, Mom, it’s a life simulation program.

I’m using The Sims to conduct social research!

Well, maybe not. I have spent way too much time sitting around playing with this virtual doll house, though. While it may not pose the same amount of risk of brain deterioration as something like Call of Duty, it’s still pretty time consuming, and, at times, my Sims feel more prepared for the world than I am. At least I’m not spending all of my money on Sims loot boxes… yet.

1 Having A Blast!

20 The Sims Memes That Will Make True Gamers Say Same

I’ve talked endlessly about living vicariously through my Sims, and, while they usually live pretty awkward and confusing lives, I can’t argue that I’ve occasionally wanted to take a trip to their world. Though it isn’t exactly devoid of consequences, it’s so wacky that even the bad stuff is pretty hilarious.

That said, I’m not sure if my Sims have ever been to an actual party; it definitely wasn’t a feature in the original game. Well, I guess that would mean that the people I model after myself live pretty true-to-life lives. Although, if the Grim Reaper hangs out at parties and hands out plates of smoked salmon, I think I’d probably have to attend… if anyone would ever consider inviting me.

Just kidding, I actually can’t go, there’s a couch in my way and I can’t move.

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