Apex Legends What Works With Octanes Ult And What Doesnt

Apex Legends: What Works With Octane’s Ult, And What Doesn’t

Octane is the latest character to hit Apex Legends, so you might have some questions on how his ult works. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

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Apex Legends What Works With Octanes Ult And What Doesnt

Here’s how Apex Legends abilities work with Octane’s ultimate ability, the Launch Pad.

The latest contestant to enter the Apex Games, Octane, has arrived on the March 19th patch. A thrill seeker, Octane’s abilities are all about death-defying stunts and extreme speed. Particularly his ultimate ability, the Launch Pad.

Basically, it’s a giant jump pad that launches anything that touches it into the stratosphere. How does it work? Touch it and go “BOING!”

But how does the Launch Pad work with the other Legends abilities? Well, we’ve got YouTuber Mokeysniper to thank for finding out so we don’t have to discover the hard way: while taking fire from an enemy team.

In general, the Launch Pad works as advertised by launching whatever touches it into the air. For Mirage, this works great on his decoys as they can serve extra-springy doppelgangers to confuse foes. There seems to be some conservation of momentum going on here, since deploying a decoy mid-launch will cause the decoy to travel even further.

Both Bangalore and Gibraltar can use their artillery-based ultimate abilities on the jump pad to get some extra distance. For some reason, Bangalore’s targeting rocket bounces off the pad and doesn’t explode. Caustic can likewise bounce his tanks off the pad for extra range, although using the Launch Pad in this way is awfully tricky and will take a ton of practice.

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Lifeline’s little healer bot can also be launched for absolutely no reason that we can discern, while her care packages cannot be landed on the Launch Pad.

Perhaps the best person to make use of Octane’s ultimate is Pathfinder. The robot can use his grappling hook during launch to get some extreme air and cover vast distances in a single bound.

Mokeysniper notes that you don’t seem to carry momentum during Pathfinder’s grapple, so landing on top of the Launch Pad after spinning around a building is treated the same as though you had just hopped on top from a standstill.

Bloodhound and Wraith’s abilities don’t really interfere with the jump at all, although Wraith can make some fun portals using it. And you have some surprising control over aerial maneuvers no matter what character you choose, so give it a try during your next game of Apex. You might make a killer play.


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