CityBuilder Settlement Survival Set For October 15 Early Access Launch

City-Builder Settlement Survival Set For October 15 Early Access Launch

Don’t be fooled by the cute low-poly graphics, Settlement Survival is a challenge.

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CityBuilder Settlement Survival Set For October 15 Early Access Launch

Settlement Survival is a brand new city-builder from Gleamer Studios. Inspired by the genre-defining Banished, you’ll lead a group of survivors in search of a new home. Gleamer is launching a playable demo on Steam on October 1, as well as releasing a new gameplay trailer on the same day. Settlement Survival will then launch on early access on October 15.

The demo and new trailer will be released during Steam’s October Next Fest – a multi-day celebration of upcoming games where you can play demos, watch developer live streams, and talk to developers about what they’ve got in the works.

Settlement Survival will feature all the city-builder gameplay you know and love, and advertises itself as a challenging and deep experience for hardened city-building enthusiasts. You’ll be able to manipulate the landscape, manage limited supplies, plant crops, hunt wildlife, gather resources, and develop trade routes. The game promises to give you complete creative freedom so that you can build your dream settlement.

The game will feature low-poly graphics, creating a cute and cosy aesthetic that will ensure you’re blindsided by the dangers that plague your settlement – featuring seasonal weather cycles and natural disasters, from torrential rain and heavy snowstorms to tornadoes and fires, you’ll need to learn all of the game’s the early warning signs to survive and thrive.

As well as battling the elements, you’ll have to ensure the needs of your townspeople are met. You can recruit mayors whose personalities will set the tone for your settlement, and you’ll also need to build houses, control crime, and prepare your settlement for any baby-booms that could threaten the balance of your resources. You’ll even be able to choose what your settlement uses to trade with – will it be exchanging artistic items of high value, unprocessed products, or unlocking the mint to create a common currency?

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If you’re a fan of city-building games and this stylish offering sounds up your street, you can wishlist Settlement Survival on Steam now to ensure you get reminded when it launches.

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