Does The Boys Season 2 Finale Tease Lamplighter Being Alive

Does The Boys Season 2 Finale Tease Lamplighter Being Alive?

Shawn Ashmore’s Lamplighter seemingly died late in The Boys season 2, but did the finale tease that he is alive and able to return in season 3?

You Are Reading :Does The Boys Season 2 Finale Tease Lamplighter Being Alive

Does The Boys Season 2 Finale Tease Lamplighter Being Alive

Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) appeared to die during The Boys season 2, but the finale might have teased that he is already back alive. Among the many new characters introduced in season 2 of The Boys, Lamplighter proved particularly memorable. The former member of The Seven made his debut in the back half of the season, and his role surprised. Most anticipated Lamplighter to be an antagonist, but he proved to be helpful to The Boys.

Lamplighter was put to work at Sage Grove by Vought after he left The Seven and tasked with keeping the test subjects in line – and incinerate any who were deemed failures. This took a toll on Lamplighter and saw him turn against Vought to help The Boys escape. He planned to testify against Vought for a time but ultimately decided to commit suicide instead. Lamplighter died in The Seven’s command center after lighting himself on fire.

Despite what appeared to be a clear-cut death for Lamplighter, there has been plenty of speculation about the chance for him to return. He was the breakout character of The Boys season 2 and left fans wanting more. Now, it is possible that The Boys season 2 finale included a tease that he isn’t dead after all. In the final scene of the season, multiple TV’s in Victoria Neuman’s campaign office show a new report that reads “Warehouse Fire Spreads.” This could be coincidental, but even some thought goes into background TV news reports. It is possible that this news report was chosen to set up Lamplighter’s return subtly.

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After Lamplighter died on Vought property, we don’t see what happens to his body after Hughie cuts off his hand. It would stand to reason that Vought is still in possession of the charred body. Whether Vought purposefully brings him back or it is revealed that Lamplighter was never really dead, there are no signs that he was buried. His body could’ve been stored in a warehouse in the meantime, such as the one that is on fire in the news report. The news even confirms that the fire is spreading and possibly quickly. Lamplighter’s powers could be the reason for the ongoing damage.

Characters coming back from the dead happens in comic books all the time, and Lamplighter is among the long list of characters to be revived on the page. Lamplighter died after Mallory shot him in the comics, which she refrained from doing in the show. He was confirmed to still be alive in the comics after Vought used Compound V to revive him with minimal brain function. A similar revival story wouldn’t be the best way to continue Lamplighter’s story in the show – after all, the series has highlighted regeneration and, possibly, immortality. With The Boys season 2 finale also immobilizing Stormfront, her regenerative powers could be replicated and used to bring him back instead. Now, we’ll have to wait and see if he is in season 3 or if this speculation amounts to nothing.

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