Dragon Balls Vegeta Once Led One Pieces Straw Hat Pirates

Dragon Ball’s Vegeta Once Led One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates

Dragon Ball’s Vegeta is the captain of One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates in a comical and action packed crossover between the two manga series!

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Dragon Balls Vegeta Once Led One Pieces Straw Hat Pirates

Two of the most prominent and action-packed mangas, Dragon Ball and One Piece, share a hilariously epic crossover that depicts Vegeta leading the Straw Hat Pirates. Vegeta is the previously villainous and currently intense member of the Z-Fighters while the Straw Hat Pirates are a rag-tag collective of the most bizarre pirates in the world. Vegeta’s gruff persona interacting with One Piece characters including Nico Robin and Usopp is a treat for any fans of either manga, plus Vegeta rocks a killer eye patch.

In Cross Epoch: Dragon Ball and One Piece by Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda, Mister Satan gathers up the seven Dragon Balls and wishes to be a king with a kingdom where everything is edible. The kingdom that Mister Satan wishes into existence is the envy of the world and sought after by many who wish to taste its delicacies. One group existing in this alternate Dragon Ball/One Piece universe is this world’s version of the Straw Hat Pirates whose captain is a pirate-themed Vegeta joined by his son Trunks and two pre existing members of the crew Nico Robin and Usopp.

While this version of Vegeta is almost completely different from his canonical Dragon Ball characterization, the ruthlessness of his early days in Dragon Ball lore are put on full display. When another sky pirate ship is also making its way to King Satan’s palace with Emperor Pilaf and Buggy the Star Clown on board, they cross paths with Vegeta’s vessel. Vegeta, living up to the classic blood-thirsty pirate persona that ironically would poorly describe the original Straw Hat Pirates, uses his abilities to blast the Pilaf and Buggy’s ship into smithereens.

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The one-shot crossover manga is the perfect example of Toriyama and Oda’s humor when it comes to their respective books. While both series revolve around lovable characters who continuously train to get stronger, offering fans exciting action-packed adventures, they both also don’t shy away from the comedy. In fact, Toriyama once created an entirely separate corner of the Dragon Ball universe with Neko Majin. The gag-manga features some familiar characters seen in Dragon Ball such as Vegeta and Goku, but mostly it pokes fun at the fan-favorite series.

The crossover with One Piece feels similar in style to Neko Majin with the added benefit of having an entirely new cast of well established characters. While Vegeta is the captain of the alternate Straw Hat Pirates with Trunks serving by his side, Goku is off with Luffy, Pilaf is riding with Buggy and Bulma is space-pirating with Nami. Every character of one manga is partnered up with a similar one from the other, making a fun and comedic story with just enough action to keep readers entertained. Vegeta leading the Straw Hat Pirates is just one of the ways the crossover between Dragon Ball and One Piece merged the two worlds of these fan-favorite mangas into one epic adventure.

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