Fear The Walking Dead Wastes A Massive CRM Opportunity

Fear The Walking Dead Wastes A Massive CRM Opportunity

Fear The Walking Dead season 6’s finale teased a major CRM storyline for season 7, but the zombie spinoff has backtracked, missing a huge opportunity.

You Are Reading :Fear The Walking Dead Wastes A Massive CRM Opportunity

Fear The Walking Dead Wastes A Massive CRM Opportunity

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 looked certain to build upon the franchise’s overarching CRM mystery, but “Breathe With Me” weirdly glosses over season 6’s helicopter ending. Aside from a Dwight here and a Jadis there, AMC’s trio of Walking Dead TV shows remain within their separate corners of the zombie apocalypse. The Civic Republic Military, however, represents a rare connective thread between all three, snatching Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, and currently serving as main antagonists in Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Fear The Walking Dead has been pulling its CRM weight too, introducing helicopter pilot Isabelle in season 5. After killing her partner for jeopardizing the Civic Republic’s super-strict code of silence, Isabelle was discovered by Althea, and despite knowing this outsider should be executed on the spot, their romantic spark meant Isabelle had no choice but to let Al walk free. Fear The Walking Dead season 6 saw Al resolve to reunite with “Beer Lady,” and it’s fortuitous she did, since pulling a few strings meant Daniel’s group could escape Teddy’s nuclear missile in Isabelle’s CRM helicopter.

With a horde of questions still unanswered, the Walking Dead franchise is likely working toward Rick Grimes vs. the CRM on the big screen. Fear The Walking Dead season 7 was gearing up to be part of that journey… but might’ve now changed course.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Teased A CRM Confrontation

Fear The Walking Dead Wastes A Massive CRM Opportunity

The bubbling relationship between Al and Isabelle directly anchors Fear The Walking Dead’s protagonist group to the CRM, but there’s an undercurrent of danger to that dynamic. Should her military superiors ever discover Isabelle spared Al’s life, both women would be killed for endangering the sacred CRM mission (whatever that might be). As such, Teddy’s attack probably sparked an ethical tug of war for Maggie Grace’s character. Does she leave her allies for dead and protect Isabelle’s secret? Or ask Isabelle to take an unauthorized helicopter trip and rescue her friends, knowing her girlfriend could be fatally punished?

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Al evidently chose the latter, and audiences were anticipating the helicopter evacuees would find themselves in grave peril when Fear The Walking Dead season 7 began. Maybe the helicopter lands back at its outpost and Isabelle faces the consequences of her insubordination, while the survivors – Daniel, Sarah, Luciana, Wes, Jacob and Charlie – enter CRM territory knowing they’re safe from nuclear fallout, but living with a militia that treats guests with all the hospitality skills of Norman Bates. Al would be left weighing up whether rescuing her friends was worth endangering Isabelle, and her friends would be weighing up whether being CRM prisoners beats life in a nuclear wasteland.

Another way Fear The Walking Dead could’ve built upon season 6’s helicopter scene is with Isabelle ditching the CRM to join Al’s group permanently, avoiding the punishment she’d inevitably receive upon flying home. Down one soldier (and, more importantly, one helicopter) CRM soldiers would be hot on the heels of Isabelle and her new best friends. As well as affording a meatier role to a cool-but-rarely-seen character in Sydney Lemmon’s Isabelle, Fear The Walking Dead could’ve paved the way for a post-apocalyptic cat-and-zombie chase, as the CRM hunted down their enemies.

By setting Fear The Walking Dead season 7 partly in a CRM facility or inducting Isabelle into the main group, AMC’s first zombie spinoff could’ve dropped more clues about the Civic Republic’s overarching goal, more indications of their awesome capabilities, and more setup for Rick Grimes’ upcoming Walking Dead movie. Establishing the CRM as season 7’s biggest antagonists from the start would’ve raised the stakes too, replacing the deceased Teddy as Fear The Walking Dead’s main villain.

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Fear The Walking Dead’s Helicopter Resolution Is An Anti-Climax

Fear The Walking Dead Wastes A Massive CRM Opportunity

Instead, Fear The Walking Dead season 7’s “Breathe With Me” reveals the helicopter group was safely dropped off at a rendezvous point where Maggie Grace was al-ready waiting. The CRM is yet to react, and any questions about the chopper and its pilot are rapidly shut down by Al’s new favorite excuse, “It’s better if you don’t know.” Fear The Walking Dead then continues as if the entire CRM encounter never happened. Every possible way Fear The Walking Dead season 6’s helicopter might’ve connected to the franchise’s overarching narrative is ignored with a hand wave.

When Teddy’s nuclear strike forced Daniel’s group to accept a ride on a CRM chopper, Fear The Walking Dead looked to be setting up a bigger storyline for season 7 – something that would connect to The Walking Dead, World Beyond, and the Rick Grimes movie. “Breathe With Me” gives absolutely no sense of a CRM presence, and though the night is still young for Fear The Walking Dead season 7 (and the CRM may flex its not-inconsiderable muscles yet), having season 6’s helicopter evacuees recount their story through exposition is an anti-climax after such a dramatic finale. Al’s explanation barely accounts for why Civic Republic soldiers aren’t already knocking down their door, and it feels as if Fear The Walking Dead is deliberately holding off on bringing the CRM back. It’s a noble effort, but the unanswered questions become an elephant in the CRM room.

Simply put, Fear The Walking Dead season 6’s final moments deserved a better immediate payoff than Daniel’s group turning up in season 7 right as rain, with no real sign of anything untoward happening to them. Whatever comes further down the line, the opportunity to make a big CRM statement right off the bat has been squandered.

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Fear The Walking Dead Can Still Bring Back The CRM

It’s not too late for the CRM to make a splash in Fear The Walking Dead season 7. As unlikely as it may seem after “Breathe With Me,” perhaps Isabelle returned home, landed her helicopter as inconspicuously as helicopters can be landed, and immediately faced arrest for picking up outsiders. Future episodes might then find CRM soldiers coming for Daniel and his fellow evacuees, trying to ensure their silence after the illegal helicopter ride. Though it’s still disappointing this wasn’t how the helicopter group were reintroduced in Fear The Walking Dead season 7, it’s better than no consequences to their secret escape at all.

Fear The Walking Dead season 7 might also be saving its CRM presence for the upcoming Padre reveal. A mysterious haven among the nuclear wilderness, many viewers believe Padre could be the Civic Republic stronghold Isabelle’s helicopter takes off from. Fred and Bea revealed the deep secrecy behind Padre, and that fits neatly with how the CRM operates. Sooner or later, Fear The Walking Dead’s protagonists will follow Alicia to investigate who or what Padre is, and could find themselves walking straight into a CRM facility. Isabelle would have to pretend she’s never seen Al before, while the others decide whether the CRM is a group worth trusting, or another giant red flag. If Fear The Walking Dead does have future plans for the CRM in season 7, at least that would explain why season 6’s helicopter cliffhanger hits a dead end.

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