How to Craft Gear in Elder Scrolls Online

How to Craft Gear in Elder Scrolls Online

Much of the gear available in Elder Scrolls Online can be crafted from materials gathered across Tamriel. Players must find crafting stations too.

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How to Craft Gear in Elder Scrolls Online

Some of the best gear in Elder Scrolls Online can be crafted by players at any of the crafting stations in any of the cities across Tamriel. Elder Scrolls Online, like many RPGs, includes a robust crafting system that can be confusing at first for new players but exceptionally useful as soon as players get the hang of it. In Elder Scrolls Online, there are seven possible crafting skill lines: Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, Jewelry Crafting, Alchemy, Enchanting, and Provisioning. The first four are for crafting great new gear, allowing players to create weapons, armor, and rings and necklaces. The last three are more about adding bonuses to weapons and making potions and food. Each type of crafting must be done at a designated crafting table in town.

Like in most RPGs, crafting in Elder Scrolls Online requires materials. Players will need to find and gather materials from enemy drops, looting crates, or harvesting plants, minerals, and creatures they find in the overworld. They will also need a specific kind of currency to level up their crafting abilities and gain the opportunity to create better gear. Here are some basic crafting tips to get players started in Elder Scrolls Online.

How Crafting Works in Elder Scrolls Online

How to Craft Gear in Elder Scrolls Online

To craft in Elder Scrolls Online, players will need the correct crafting table and some resources. Crafting stations are located in almost every major city and town across Tamriel, so players should be able to access one almost any time they want. Resources will appear for players based on their current character level, and better resources begin to appear as players reach higher levels. It is also possible to improve gathering with Skill Points in any of the crafting categories.

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Players will need to refine their raw materials to make them suitable for crafting. This can be done in the first tab of the menu at the crafting table. If players want to get more materials out of gear they do not plan to use, they can deconstruct it using the third tab in the same menu, but this does have a chance to fail, losing the player both all the resources they gathered from deconstruction and the item itself. The more adept a player becomes at crafting, the less of a chance their deconstruction will fail.

To craft an item, players will want the second tab on the crafting station menu. Here, they can choose the kind of item, its item level based on the number of materials used to craft it, and its appearance and traits. As long as they have the right resources, they should be able to craft with ease.

Research is extremely important to the crafting process. Accessed on the fifth tab of the crafting station menu, players can use Research to examine and destroy any item they have in their inventory and learn how to apply Traits. The only way to get Traits to use when crafting is to find a weapon or armor in the world that has it and sacrifice that item for the Researching process. Trait Research takes hours, but it can be sped up with certain add-ons, and characters will still make progress while logged out. Once players have researched a Trait, they can gather the correct materials and apply that Trait to any of their eligible gear for powerful bonuses. Some Traits are required if players want to craft some of the best gear sets in Elder Scrolls Online expansions.

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For Alchemy, Enchanting, and Provisioning, players will need to experiment with ingredient combinations to figure out recipes for various potions, poisons, foods, and glyphs. They can also look up each combination to save time. This kind of crafting is generally easier but will require some experimentation to be effective.

To improve crafting skills and access better equipment schematics and recipes at each table in Elder Scrolls Online, players will need to increase their Inspiration. This is done automatically the more a character refines, deconstructs, crafts, and researches at crafting stations. It is a good idea for new players to keep practicing and master the crafting system, as they can increase their level by doing so.

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