Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

Godzilla: The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

The Godzilla franchise can be seen as a metaphor for nature’s power or a collection of hilarious monster mashups

You Are Reading :Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

The Godzilla franchise has released many movies of varying quality since its inception in 1954. With 36 films and counting, the Godzilla films host a treasure trove of different things; appreciation for special effects, kaiju fights, maybe a few compelling human tales.

But there is also a huge collection of laughter to be found in the Godzilla franchise on all fronts, whether intentionally so or otherwise. Here’s a look back at 10 of the best moments in the saga of the ever-charming giant radioactive lizard and friends.

10 Rodan, Mothra, & Godzilla Hang Out At A Playground

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

In Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster, Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan are pretty much just chilling together before facing down their titular three-headed monster foe. Godzilla and Rodan chuck rocks and each other and squabble, and Mothra decides to break it up and spray the two of them with her webbing.

Godzilla and Rodan laugh at each other as they get sprayed, and an annoyed Mothra tries to get them to stop wasting time and energy on each other and focus on Ghidorah. And yes, she does scold them as her inner thoughts are being read by the twin fairies. For a bunch of ancient giant beasts, they sure act like children.

9 Godzilla Tackles Megaguirus

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

The aptly titled Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus features exactly that: Godzilla faces down the oversized bug, which is the queen of a group of the deadly radiation-exposed dragonflies that wreak havoc. During the climactic showdown with the big buy, Godzilla gets pretty frustrated.

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Tired of Megaguirus controlling the sky, he does a bit of his own aviation action and propels himself into the sky, tackling Megaguirus before opening a can of whoop-ass. The goofy stunt is an incredible cheesy effect and Godzilla’s obviously puppet body looks very silly falling in the air.

8 Zilla Gets His Comeuppance

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

It’s hard to find people who sincerely enjoyed Roland Emmerich’s 1998 take on Godzilla. The fine folks at Toho certainly weren’t happy to have given permission to use their iconic kaiju king and have him downgraded to being a big lame iguana.

So, in the Infinity War of its time, the epic Godzilla: Final Wars – which starred most of Toho’s famous giant creatures – also had a cameo from Zilla (the derogatory nickname for Emmerich’s version of Godzilla), who’s shown destroying Australia. Why not New York City? Who knows? But later in the film, Godzilla, fresh on a killing spree, utterly wrecks Zilla in the quickest fight in the film, blasting him into the Sydney Opera House in seconds. It’s one of a few but blatant smears Toho has floated towards the film.

7 “Take That, You Dinosaur!”

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

In Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, there is a re-imagining of Godzilla’s origins, showing him as the lone surviving dinosaur on an island in the Pacific during World War II. He helps out a platoon of Japanese soldiers in battle and earns their respect, but also gets the attention of the American soldiers, who blast the dinosaur from their battleship.

In a poorly dubbed and/or performed line, one of the American soldiers mundanely states “Take that, you dinosaur!” It’s one of the best instances of bad dubbing and syncing in a franchise filled to the brim with it.

6 Godzilla Dances

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

Invasion of Astro Monster has Godzilla team-up with Rodan to take on Godzilla’ archenemy, King Ghidorah. After beating the big bad in space and saving his own bacon (along with humanity’s), Godzilla has a lot to celebrate.

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So he does exactly that, but not with a majestic and cool roar. Instead, he leaps up into the air and does a sort of squeak-roar, showcasing the magic goofiness that’s lost without humans in monster costumes.

5 Godzilla Flies

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

In Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Godzilla has a pretty rough go of it. He has to deal with the repulsive and polluting Hedorah (aka The Smog Monster), who pretty much dumps him in sewage at one point, almost killing him. But eventually, Godzilla gets the upper hand, causing Hedorah to flee.

Godzilla gives pursuit by blasting his atomic breath, which defies the laws of physics and lifts him into the air, propelling him to fly around, chase Hedorah, and save the day.

4 King Caesar Gets His Ass Handed To Him

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

The original Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla is one of the best films in the franchise for a reason: It’s a perfect combination of action and laughs. Godzilla faces off against a mechanical doppelgänger and has trouble overcoming his tough adversary. In response, a group of humans wishing to backup the more manageable Godzilla (since MechaGodzilla is controlled by aliens) call on another kaiju, the dormant King Caesar, to help.

Following a lot of buildup through the movie and leading up to an incredibly long song number, King Caesar is awoken from his slumber and literally explodes out of a mountainside, ready to take on MechaGodzilla. And then King Caesar proceeds to get pulverized by MechaGodzilla in about 30 seconds.

3 Kong & Godzilla Face-Off

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

King Kong vs. Godzilla is among the best films in the franchise not only because it pins the two most icon kaiju in film history against each other, but because it also is filled to the brim with ridiculous scenes, especially when the two titular titans share the screen.

Where to begin? How about that time Kong shoved a tree down Godzilla’s throat like he’s force-feeding him broccoli? Or the scene where Kong smacks his head onto a rock? Or Godzilla shooting Kong in the groin? How about that very short scene where Godzilla and Kong are filmed from a distance and appear to be hand puppets? Whatever the case, they’re all winners. Here’s hoping that some of these things make their way into the remake.

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2 Godzilla Does a Dropkick (Twice)

Godzilla The 10 Most Hilarious Scenes In The Entire Franchise

Because the film it came from was lampooned by none other than Mystery Science Theater 3000, this scene is among the better known Godzilla peculiarities. In Godzilla vs. Megalon, the ridiculous child-designed Jet Jaguar is pretty goofy. He’s a poorly colored rainbow robot that grows in size and has a cheesy theme song. But somehow, that’s not the funniest thing in the film.

That honor goes to the moment that Jet Jaguar and Godzilla do a tag-team move and Godzilla dropkicks Megalon as Jet Jaguar holds their mutual foe. For some reason, the filmmakers thought that the dropkick was so cool that they rolled it twice. The impossible position is the simplest kind of humor, and the most satisfying.

1 Godzilla Blasts His War Buddy

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah gets yet another entry on this list, but for good reason. This particular scene is almost impossible to properly decipher. It’s hard to know if the filmmakers meant for the shot to be funny or if it was sincere. Long story short, one of the soldiers from the platoon that Godzilla defended back in World War II has a moment with the King of Monsters.

The two old veterans stare at each other, locking eyes. The man stands in a skyscraper, looking out his window, as Godzilla pauses his rampage through a city. The man seems to host an admiration for the kaiju, and that respect seems to be shared by Godzilla as well. But suddenly, Godzilla rears back his head and blasts his atomic breath into the building, blowing it to smithereens. To this day, experts are still trying to figure out if this was meant to be a tragedy or a punchline.

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